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McQuinn Naturopathic Family Practice provides patients of all backgrounds with access to holistic medical attention and education; empowering them with knowledge and responsibility for their health. We assist you in creating healthy life changes, in hopes that each patient can reach their potential to be their happiest and healthiest.

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I enjoy all the knowledge Dr. McQuinn has to offer. I appreciate being able to ask questions and feeling comfortable in doing so :)
Thank You
Laura Lucero

What is Naturopathy?

McQuinn Naturopathic provides safe and cost-effective natural healthcare for the whole family. We enocourage prevention and healing through healthy diet and lifestyle, and our staff take the time to get know you in order to create more personalized treatment plans.

How we accomplish this

We use a supportive and integrative approach, drawing from all aspects of health – spiritual, mental, physical, and environmental. We utilize recent scientific research and incorporate new therapies – blending conventional and natural health care, focusing on prevention and recovery.

Dr. Beth McQuinn

Dr. McQuinn has been practicing Naturopathic Medicine since 2009. She received her Undergraduate Bachelor’s in Pre-Med and minored in Spanish at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota. Throughout college, she worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant at Winona Health Geriatrics Unit,

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We Are Now Offering Chiropractic Services

McQuinn Naturopathic is excited to announce we are now offering chiropractic services! Please welcome to our staff Dr. Nathan Strohm, who will be our chiropractic doctor. During the month of June, we are offering special promotions for chiropractic visits.  $40 Chiropractic Adjustments - walk-ins are welcome! FREE initial chiropractic consultations… Read More...