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News & Updates from McQuinn Naturopathic

Post Authored by Dr. Riddhi Blow

News & updates on our new payment platform, in-house phlebotomist, lowered HCG pricing, and an update on Dr. Drake!

New Payment Platform

We are pleased to announce that our electronic health system will now be utilized for patient visits and for payments. What this means is that we’ll have more immediate information to give to patients on whether insurance has paid, if there is any remaining balances, and overall status of patients’ accounts. Other great new features include sending invoices and receipts to patient portals, and the ability to make payments on the patient portal.

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Support Natural Healing with IV Therapy in Arlington

IV therapy in Arlington

Sometimes the best solution to acute illness like the flu or for chronic ailments like migraines, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome or for addiction recovery or mood disorders is naturopathic IV therapy in Arlington. Rather than relying on potentially harmful medications with unfortunate side effects, IV therapy utilizes all-natural substances to encourage healing and pain relief.

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