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Acupuncture in Everett for Seasonal Allergy Symptoms

Acupuncture in Everett

Seasonal allergies cause misery for all ages in almost every part of the United States. Sneezing, a runny nose that requires constant blowing and itchy watery eyes are most often addressed with OTC medications or allergy shots that net millions each year for profitable manufacturers. There is another solution, however. There are promising results for relief of allergy symptoms with acupuncture in Everett.

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Try Acupuncture in Snohomish for Menstrual Pain

Acupuncture in Snohomish

Menstrual pain is felt by most women at some time during their lives, beginning 1-2 years after menses begin. It can range from uncomfortable twinges each month to intense stomach, back and leg pain. Spasms and cramping are common and lead to lost work days and enjoyment of everyday life.

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Ghee Recipe

Ghee recipe

Ghee is clarified butter. With a long history of use in Southeast Asia for both culinary and medicinal purposes, ghee is a preferred choice to other partially hydrogenated oils and has been prescribed for digestive issues, ulcers, and more. It is said to help improve absorption and assimilation, lubricate connective tissues, and even help improve memory and aid in the vitality of the body. Plus – ghee has a rich, nutty flavor and better nutritional profile compared to butter.

Learn how you can prepare your own ghee at home with the following recipe.

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Provider Spotlight: Dr. Priya Walia

Dr. Priya Walia

Dr. Priya Walia was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest.

She completed her undergraduate studies in Human Biology and Health Psychology from Bastyr University where she further understood the mind-body-spirit connection. Her thirst for holistic healing and health promotion led her to naturopathy, where she attained her accredited doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.

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Long-Lasting Relief for Neck Pain Through Prolotherapy

prolotherapy for neck pain in Arlington

Neck pain is a common complaint among the population in the US, from young children to older adults. This ailment can cause significant disability and routine visits to health care professionals, at extensive cost and reduction in overall well-being. The longer a person suffers with this type of pain, the more chronic it becomes, so early intervention is key in reducing or completely eliminating painful symptoms. One type of alternative treatment that is becoming more popular is prolotherapy for neck pain in Arlington.

Studies show that traditional methods of treatment do have some efficacy in the short term.

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Benefits of Naturopathic Pediatric Doctor Treatment in Monroe

Naturopathic Pediatric Doctor Treatment in Monroe

Unfortunately, children (and adults!) are under more stress than ever. Factors such as pollution, academic pressure, food additives, living at an increased pace, exposure to violence, and fewer opportunities for play all allow tension to manifest itself in the body and decrease normal function and response to illness and disease. This can lead to reduced immunity, irritability, physical symptoms and poor concentration. Traditional medicine usually focuses on medication for symptoms. While sometimes necessary, prescription drugs can create other problems just as severe. There is another answer. Consider the benefits of naturopathic pediatric doctor treatment in Monroe for your children.

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Try Natural Methods for High Blood Pressure Treatment in Everett

High Blood Pressure Treatment in Everett

Did you know that you can have high blood pressure and not even know it? This silent killer increases your risk for kidney disease, stroke, heart attack and problems with vision. Most people can effectively lower their blood pressure by following some specific lifestyle and diet tips, in conjunction with high blood pressure treatment in Everett.

Follow these valuable tips to live healthier:

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