Dr. Riddhi Blow



Dr. Riddhi Blow is a licensed naturopathic doctor in Washington State. She specializes in family medicine, women’s health (menstrual concerns, fertility, menopause), and mental health. Dr. Blow can help with a wide range of mental health concerns including depression, post-partum depression, and anxiety. Dr. Blow has a passion for finding the root cause of symptoms and creating simple but effective treatment plans. She utilizes a wide range of modalities including botanical medicine, nutrient therapy, and pharmaceuticals when needed. Dr. Blow enjoys getting to know all of her patients and building a relationship with them that will last.

Dr. Blow is a graduate of Bastyr University, considered the best naturopathic school in the country. During her education she focused on specialty shifts with an emphasis on women’s health, mental health, and ADHD. During her preceptorships Dr. Blow focused on learning about hormone replacement therapy, gynecological problems, and adolescent health.

In her spare time, Dr. Blow enjoys spending time with her husband, son, and friends. Dr. Blow considers herself quite a nerd and enjoys board games, Dr. Who, and anything Harry Potter. She also enjoys cooking and inventing new fusion recipes, puzzles, and finding time for laughter throughout the day.