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Thyroid & Energy Levels

Problems with the Thyroid and Energy Levels are experienced by millions of people. Hypothyroidism is the result of an underactive thyroid. The low activity level of the thyroid gland causes a decrease in the rate of metabolism. On the other hand, if the thyroid activity is higher than normal, hyperthyroidism results. Issues with the thyroid gland can lead to fatigue and illness. Traditional medical screenings often miss the thyroid problems, leaving patients to suffer in silence.

The typical symptoms of low thyroid activity include feeling cold, depression, constipation, weight gain or difficulty losing weight, lethargy, dry skin, brittle hair, splitting nails, hair loss, reduced concentration and memory, menstrual irregularities, a reduction in libido, diminished perspiration during exercise, an increase in cholesterol, weak and cramping muscles, and yellow discoloration on the palms and soles.

A diagnosis of thyroid problems can be achieved through several assessments including blood tests, an adrenocortex stress profile, a dried urine iodine test, hair analysis, and a basal body temperature study.

Hypothyroidism can be reversed through naturopathic therapy. The patient submits a urine sample which is analyzed for adrenal functioning and mercury levels. Other tests may also be ordered. Based on the results of the tests, patients receive a treatment plan which includes an exercise regime, changes in diet and the addition of supplements. A diet rich in foods with iodine, vitamin A, zinc and selenium is introduced. These supplements enable the gland to produce an adequate amount of hormones. Synthroid can also be added. The exercise program will stimulate hormone secretion and enable tissues to develop a higher level of hormone sensitivity. Strategies for managing stress will also be discussed to reduce the amounts of cortisol produced.

A naturopathic doctor understands the correlation between the Thyroid and Energy Levels. With the help of a naturopath, it is possible to increase hormone levels and reduce symptoms. To improve metabolic rates, energy levels, hormone production, and overall health, speak to Mcquinn Naturopathic today! You can reach us at 425-905-2487 or online by clicking here.

Myer’s Cocktail

With today’s busy schedules it has become a challenge to incorporate nutritious items into daily food intake. Taking multivitamin pills does not always help as they are not always well absorbed. The Myers Cocktail can help you to get the vitamins and minerals you need for a healthy body.

Intravenous nutrition therapy can be beneficial to many people. By injecting specific vitamins directly into the venous system, it is possible to raise nutrient levels to a satisfactory standard. The Myers Cocktail includes several vitamins and minerals including Vitamins B complex, B5, B6, B12, C, calcium, and magnesium. Glutathione, procaine, selenium and other vitamins can also be added to the cocktail.

Hundreds of practitioners safely use the Myers Cocktail and find it to be an effective solution to nutritional deficiency. Generally the treatment is even more efficacious than traditional therapies, demonstrating strong success in anecdotal research. The use of the Myers Cocktail in wider range of circumstances would decrease health costs and increase individual health levels.

Many doctors have used this intravenous nutrition therapy to relieve the symptoms of angina, bronchitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hayfever, hyperthyroidism, hives, muscle spasms, sinusitis, headaches, mild depression and narcotic withdrawal. The benefits of the therapy can be experienced directly after the initial treatment or following a series of treatments depending on the individual and the circumstances.

You will need to speak with your medical professional about the vitamin and mineral combination you require in your Myers Cocktail and the amount of treatments you will need to increase your nutritional levels and alleviate your health issues. While some individuals experience permanent relief after their treatments, others require ongoing maintenance therapy to continue the experience of beneficial results.

Contact McQuinn Naturopathic  today to discuss the benefits of a Myers Cocktail therapy today. Your body will be thank you. You can reach us at 425-905-2487 or online by clicking here.