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Acid Reflux Treatment & Diet Advice

Specialized Acid Reflux Treatment & Diet Advice in Everett Washington is possible through the expertise of the professionals at McQuinn Naturopathic. We are committed to our belief that your health and wellness are greatly dependent on good digestion. We make it our mission to ensure that our clients understand that nutrient absorption is based on the ability of the body to digest food. Your nutrients are absorbed through the food you eat and are then processed through your digestive tract. This is why it is so important for your digestive system to work at optimal levels.

In today’s busy world, you can be inundated with many chemically processed foods. While these foods may make your life easier because they are simple to prepare, they do not provide the nutrition you need to lead a healthy life. Your overall health and well being are dependent on you eating the proper foods to feed your body well. Acid reflux is just one of the many digestive problems you may experience due to poor eating habits. In fact more than a third of Americans deal with digestive issues every day.

These digestion problems have created a ten billion dollar market in traditional medical treatments. There are countless treatments for digestion problems, most dealing with symptoms rather than causes. The lifestyle aspects that can cause digestion problems include unhealthy diets, caffeine and alcohol consumption, smoking, and excess body weight. Traditional medicine typically works toward alleviating these symptoms with prescriptions. While these medications may ease some problems they do not get to the actual causes.

If you’re in need of Acid Reflux Treatment & Diet Advice in Everett Washington, call and make an appointment with the professionals at McQuinn Naturopathic. We won’t just lessen your digestive problem symptoms; we’ll get the root of the cause. Contact us for more information about our services at 425-905-2487 or online by clicking here.

Need Help Managing Your Stress?

Are you searching for a way to manage your stress? Research has shown that almost three quarters of all doctor visits are due to illnesses caused by stress. Stress can lead to many health problems that are best resolved through naturopathic treatments. For the best options in Stress Management in Everett Washington, come in and see us at McQuinn Naturopathic.-

There are many indicators that you are being negatively affected by stress. These include a sense of being overwhelmed by your day to day life, feelings of fatigue and weakness, weight gain around the middle, emotional food cravings, and constant worry. These negative effects of stress on your health make it important for you to find the best solutions before you find yourself in serious situation.

The stress management program at McQuinn Naturopathic will provide you with the balance you need to best manage your daily stressful situations. Incorporating nutrition, counseling, supplements, herbal medicines, relaxation techniques and physical activity, our program is integral to treating digestive problems, chronic pain, depression, heart problems, anxiety and stress.

Some of our stress management program recommendations include getting adequate amounts of sleep, healthy eating, exercising regularly, meditating, yoga, deep breathing, massage, practicing effective communication, leisure activity enjoyment and efficient use of time. By developing a more positive outlook and a more effective use of time, you will be able to reduce your stress levels and live a more productive and happier life.

The McQuinn Naturopathic approach to managing stress is customized for each of our clients. While the program is a framework for your treatments, we make it our mission to personalize each plan to fit the individual needs of our clients. Stress Management in Everett Washington is one of our top priorities. We want to help you develop a more stress-free world where you can live a happy and healthy life. You can reach us at 425-905-2487 or online by clicking here. to learn more about the services we offer or to schedule an appointment.