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Solve Health Issues with Vitamin Injections in Marysville

Have you been feeling “not quite right” or are having unusual symptoms of illness? Typically, these issues do not warrant a trip to the physician’s office but it is difficult to know if there is a real problem or if there is something you can do yourself to eliminate the symptoms. One consideration is that you may have a vitamin deficiency. Vitamin injections in Marysville may be the solution for you.

Vitamin Injections in Marysville

A poor or inconsistent diet is often the cause of a vitamin deficiency and can produce any number of unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms. Eyes, hair, teeth, nails and skin may be affected, as well as mood and energy levels. Your individual symptoms depend on which vitamins you may be lacking.

Common deficiencies include:

  • Vitamin B12 – Since the body does not produce this vitamin, its levels are often sub-par. You may feel particularly lethargic, have low energy and look pale.
  • Vitamin D – Seen frequently in the winter months due to our more temperature-comfortable state indoors, lack of this vitamin can cause brittle bones. Exposure to daily sunlight is recommended to add to our internal stores of vitamin D.
  • Vitamin K – Individuals who do not have sufficient vitamin K reserves usually bruise and/or bleed more easily. Newborns are given a vitamin k injection soon after birth to increase their supply.

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Take a Look at Naturopathic in Snohomish

Naturopathy or naturopathic in Snohomish is one of several forms of alternative medicines that can be used alone or in conjunction with traditional treatments to heal the body of illness or injury. Naturopathy focuses on prevention of disease and the promotion of self-healing. The practice is hundreds of years old and may include the use of botanicals, hydrotherapy, acupuncture, clinical nutrition and physical manipulation.

Naturopathic in Snohomish

Identification of the cause of a disease is the first step in effective treatment. Then research is gathered from conventional medical sources, clinical nutritional therapies, phytotherapy, homeopathy, spirituality, naturopathic medicine and other sources to determine the best solution for each individual situation.

There are six principles that each naturopathic professional must follow to be true to the field:

  1. Do no harm to the patient being treated.
  2. Encourage and foster natural healing whenever possible.
  3. Learn the cause of the problem and treat it, not just addressing the symptoms.
  4. Treat the whole person and focus on each area individually.
  5. The doctor is also a teacher and helps the patient take control of his health in a non-threatening way.
  6. Prevention of injury and disease is always preferable and the best “cure.”

A naturopathic physician receives specialized instruction and training for this alternative  healing treatment methodology. Naturopathy has long been recognized as an excellent option for successful health resolutions.

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Cardiology in Lake Stevens for Heart Issues

It is estimated that 80 million Americans of all ages suffer from a variety of heart ailments ranging from high blood pressure to a heart murmur to multiple bypasses and that 25% of all deaths are heart-related. Cardiovascular disease is rampant due to a wide range of sources, including heredity, obesity, lack of significant exercise and poor eating habits. While cardiologists are a very valuable asset to those with these types of issues, there are alternatives available to help you deal with problems in cardiology in Lake Stevens that do not involve invasive surgery or medications with unwelcome side effects.

Cardiology in Lake Stevens

Naturopathic treatment for heart situations reduces dependence on heart medications and brings balance to body systems that are “out of whack” from heart complications. An initial consultation complete with diagnostic testing and a personal questionnaire will allow naturopathic professionals to create a highly individualized course of treatment that does not involve prescription medication.

Depending on your particular situation, heart-healthy techniques may involve such options as vitamin and mineral supplementation with coenzyme Q10, calcium and zinc. A specific dietary plan that emphasizes plant-based foods and healthy eating practices will be developed and schooling in the best nutrition for your body’s needs will be discussed. Stress management and a program of exercise will be a crucial portion of your personal treatment plan.

To learn more about all-natural treatment options for cardiology in Lake Stevens, speak with the specially trained personnel at McQuinn Naturopathic today at (425)905-2487. Our team would be happy to work with you to create a natural and comprehensive plan of action for your heart problems.