Acupuncture in Monroe for Treating Migraine Pain

Acupuncture in Monroe for Treating Migraine Pain

People who suffer from migraines are often desperate to find relief from debilitating pain. Acupuncture in Monroe, as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has been utilized for headache treatment for thousands of years. The advantage of this eastern medicine technique is that it does not have unwelcome side effects and the procedure is far less invasive than other methodologies.

There are two distinct areas that benefit from acupuncture for migraine headaches:

  1. Migraine Relief – As specialized, fine needles are applied to unique points on the body and gentle needle stimulation is initiated, blood flow in the area increases and circulation improves. This is only effective when points on the lower part of the body are treated and avoid over dilating blood vessels in the head.
  2. Migraine Prevention – The goal in this area is to lessen muscle tension and activate the parasympathetic nervous system (the relaxed state of the nervous system) by using acupuncture mostly on the lower legs and forearms. Other tension points in the neck and upper back are also trigger-points for migraines and can be stimulated to increase the blood flow throughout tense, sore muscles.

Changes in lifestyle can also be of immense help in reducing the frequency and occurrence of migraines. They include:

  • Getting enough sleep – at least 7-8 hours daily
  • Reducing or eliminating mental and physical exhaustion
  • Avoiding caffeine and alcohol (red wine, especially)
  • Shunning well-known food migraine causes: chocolate, dairy, wheat, corn, and spices
  • Eluding any other triggers that result in a migraine

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