Are You a Candidate for Prolotherapy for Hip Pain in Monroe?

Are You a Candidate for Prolotherapy for Hip Pain in Monroe?

It may surprise you to learn that problems with your hips can radiate to other parts of the body and cause even more unwelcome issues with mobility and chronic pain. As the body’s largest ball-and-socket joint, the hip is responsible for a lot of movement, so when there is a problem, it affects almost the entire body. Occasional hip pain from excess activity or exercise is often alleviated with over-the-counter non-steroidal pain relievers. However, when the discomfort is constant and unrelenting, more intervention is required. One option with demonstrated success is prolotherapy for hip pain in Monroe.

If you have suffered from on-going hip pain for a while and have tried conventional treatment options like steroid shots and potentially addictive pain relievers, you may think that your only option is surgery. While there are many individuals who find relief from surgery, there is a lot of risks involved and a long recovery time required.

Prolotherapy offers success with little to no risk and no downtime. Comprehensive studies have shown that this treatment option significantly reduces dependence on pain medication and increases mobility without pain in more than 80% of treated patients.

Candidates for this type of therapy are evaluated based on:

  • The condition of the ball of the femur and how it fits into the socket.
  • The spacing between the socket and femur.
  • How much cartilage or joint space that remains.
  • Presence of bone spurs.

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