Are You Looking Natural Alternatives To Traditional Menopause Treatment In Snohomish?

A lot goes on within the human body, especially in women, as we age. If you are having a tough time finding traditional treatment options for menopause that work for you, then you may want to see about supplementing with naturopathic options. Here at McQuinn Naturopathic, we would love to talk with you about all of the natural avenues that you can try when it comes to menopause treatment in Snohomish and the surrounding areas.

Menopause can present with a wide variety of symptoms as well as the onset of underlying biological changes within the body. Some of the signs that a woman may experience includes:

  • Hot flashes
  • Irregular periods
  • Skin changes
  • Interruption of sleep patterns/fatigue
  • Vaginal dryness
  • A decrease in libido
  • Anxiety, depression, and mood swings
  • Bone loss, and more

Whether you are looking to switch to naturopathic treatment or you want to use it along with conventional medicine, there are various treatments that you can choose from for addressing menopause. When you work closely with a professional naturopath, you will have the ability to learn more about your body and treating it as a whole rather than just masking the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Your naturopath will go over clinical nutrition and how you can benefit from lifestyle changes to feel your best while going through the phases of menopause. Along with that, you can learn about using things like:

  • Vitamins and supplements to support your body, including calcium, Vitamin D, ginseng, soy, black cohosh, red clover, and more.
  • There are also a number of mind-body medicinal options to pick from, including yoga, meditation, and stress reduction exercises.

There are natural options available for menopause treatment in Snohomish. Call McQuinn Naturopathic today at (425) 905-2487 for an appointment. We would love to talk with you about the many ways that we can help you put your health and wellness first!