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Manage Diabetes with Natural Treatments in Arlington

Diabetes is running rampant in the US, with almost half of the population being impacted somehow. While many doctors are quick to prescribe drugs, there are natural treatments available to reverse the disease. If you want a diabetes treatment in Arlington that can lessen the impact of the disease but one that uses a holistic approach, McQuinn Naturopathic can help.

Two Types of Diabetes

What type of diabetes you have determines the course of treatment. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the pancreas. This kind can be helped with natural remedies but requires insulin. The other type is Type 2 diabetes. This is a lifestyle disease that can be supported and even reversed with natural treatments. Factors that we can control and can help include:

• Diet
• Weight
• Nutritional deficienes
• Exercise
• Eating habits
• Hormonal imbalance
• Environmental toxins
• Stress

Before starting any treatment, we do a comprehensive evaluation to determine the patient’s precise needs. Lab tests and a physical are part of the examination. Your physician then puts together a course of treatment. Some of the various changes you may see include:

• An exercise regimen
• Stress management and reduction methods
• A healthy diet plan

Moving Forward

Once you move forward and make the needed changes, your need for medication will be re-evaluated. When you lose weight and lower insulin levels, you will see improvement. With these natural treatments, diabetes can be controlled, and the devastating results stopped.

Natural Treatment That is Holistic

At McQuinn Naturopathic, we use a holistic approach that treats the entire person. Healing starts from within, and we want all of our customers to have natural, gentle treatments that work. For natural diabetes treatment in Arlington, contact us at (425) 905-2487.

Naturopathy – Natural Wellness & Sick Care in Arlington

You may think you are doing enough to keep yourself healthy by scheduling an annual physical with your primary care doctor. But there is much more to staying well. The lifestyle choices and medical choices you make can impact every area of your life. Your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health all blend. One area impacts the others in dramatic ways you don’t even realize. Naturopathy in Arlington at McQuinn Naturopathic takes a holistic and natural approach to healing and wellness. We do not just look at the symptoms to determine a treatment but the entire person.

Dedicated Doctors Who Care

At McQuinn Naturopathic, our naturopathic doctors are committed to offering the best possible care to our clients. That means individualized care tailored to the needs of the patient. We offer treatment in many different areas, including:

• Pediatrics
• Primary care
• Weight loss
• IV therapy
• Men’s health
• Acupuncture
• Massage
• Women’s health
• Allergy testing and treatment
• Diabetes
• Prolotherapy
• DOT & sports physicals
• Much more

Have You Considered Naturopathic Care?

Many people haven’t considered this type of care because they do not really know what it can do. We treat many different health issues, and our doctors have the experience and expertise needed. We work with different providers and insurance companies. Folks often think their insurance won’t cover naturopathic care, but that is not always the case.

Wellness & Healthcare for the Entire Family

At McQuinn Naturopathic, we can care for the entire family. From the baby on up to mom and dad, we provide primary care and sick visits. We can guide your family on making the best lifestyle choices to keep everyone healthy and happy. If you haven’t considered naturopathy in Arlington, call us, and we will be happy to explain the benefits. Contact McQuinn Naturopathic today at (425) 905-2487 to book an appointment.

Cold & Flu Season is Here – Stay Healthy with Naturopathic Treatment in Arlington

Cold & Flu Season is Here - Stay Healthy with Naturopathic Treatment in Arlington

Cold and flu season is upon us, and the best thing you can do is prevent it if at all possible. But if your family does get seasonal illnesses, there are natural treatment options. McQuinn Naturopathic offers cold & flu prevention & treatment in Arlington. We can guide you on how to avoid getting sick while boosting your immune system. A robust immune system is the key to battling any illness.

Strengthening Your Immune System

Washing your hands often and being careful of what you are exposed to helps avoid colds and flu bugs, but good health helps even more. When you have a healthy immune system, your body naturally fights off any nasty bugs it encounters. Naturopathic guidance can assist you in what can help without the toxic side effects and risks of standard drugs. You can strengthen your body’s resources through:

• Good nutrition
• Supplements
• Probiotics
• Exercise

What if I Do Get Sick?

If you do end up with a virus, the goal is to shorten the time you have to deal with it and lessen any symptoms. We can guide you through mitigating the illness and helping you recover. Again, good nutrition goes a long way in the battle. Things like vitamin C and zinc can help your body fight the virus.

Make an appointment today, and let us show you how cold & flu prevention & treatment in Arlington is possible. McQuinn Naturopathic provides holistic, gentle treatment options for the entire family. Contact us at (425) 905-2487 to make an appointment. If you are starting on the journey of good health, we offer lifestyle and nutrition coaching.

Get Rid of Aches & Pains with Osteopathic Manipulation in Snohomish

Get Rid of Aches & Pains with Osteopathic Manipulation in Snohomish

Back and neck pain can be debilitating. Even constant minor pain can wear you down and make everyday life a struggle. If you are struggling with back, neck, or sciatica, you might want to consider getting osteopathic manipulation in Snohomish. At McQuinn Naturopathic, we can help pinpoint the cause of the pain and offer natural treatment methods to help you improve.

Spine Health is Important

The importance of the spine to overall health is the foundation or both osteopathy and chiropractic care. Often the spine impacts painful, aching muscles in the body. Medical issues are diagnosed using a combination of techniques, including:

• Visual evaluation
• X-rays
• Hand palpitation

Gentle Healing

Osteopathic manipulation involves careful manipulation of bones and muscles. The pressure is applied to specific areas of the body as needed. Ligaments and muscles are stretched, and body parts mobilized as the treatment plan outlines. Gentle movements are designed to realign bones and muscles.

Taking Our Time

At McQuinn Naturopathic, we understand that this type of treatment takes time. We spend time with our patients listening and learning what is going on with them. Osteopathic manipulation can aid significantly in the relief of aches and pains. It can often take several treatments to achieve the result. But the treatments lessen as the issue is resolved.

Holistic Healing for the Entire Family

If you need osteopathic manipulation in Snohomish, we can help. We can provide natural health options for the entire family. We provide pediatric services, address women’s health issues, and general illness besides the typical chiropractic care. Contact us today and let our experienced specialist help you find natural healing in a soothing environment. Call us at (425) 905-2487 to set up your appointment.

Regain Your Health With Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation in Marysville

Regain Your Health With Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation in Marysville

Today, many people are looking to natural options to heal their bodies or help them stay healthy. Some have nutritional needs that are unique and want help figuring out what works best for them. But not everyone knows where to begin. At McQuinn Naturopathic, we provide nutrition and lifestyle consultation in Marysville that can answer these questions and more.

Staying Healthy & Happy

Good nutrition is vital to a healthy lifestyle. It is essential when it comes to fighting off illness and reversing many health problems. Our practice is dedicated to helping our patients find all-natural solutions. We focus on high-quality nutrition and lifestyle changes that enhance your health.

Getting Started

When you make an appointment, we go over things such as:

• Current dietary regimen
• Body mass index
• Height and weight analysis
• Health issues
• Changes you hope to make

Once we have looked at all the above and any circumstances unique to you, we put together a customized plan. Our physicians help you set goals and a time period in which to reach them. We consider individual concerns so you can stay on track. Some other things we recommend for success include:

• Enlisting the support of family and friends
• Keep a checklist
• Set short-term goals
• Log your meals
• Be consistent

If you are ready to regain your health and begin a new path to wellness, McQuinn Naturopathic is here to help. Our nutrition and lifestyle consultation in Marysville uses a holistic approach that allows us to deal with the individual as a whole. We do not merely recommend some supplements and send you on your way. We want you to establish healthy routines and learn to make good nutrition and lifestyle choices. Contact us at (425) 905-2487 to set up your appointment today.

What are the Benefits of a Naturopathic Pediatric Doctor?

What are the Benefits of a Naturopathic Pediatric Doctor?

As parents, we all want what is best for our children, especially in their health. While traditional medicine has its place, many families wish to have a more natural, holistic approach to their children’s health care. At McQuinn Naturopathic, we take our pediatric care in Everett very seriously. Our smaller patients are essential to us, and we offer the best care possible.

What Can a Naturopathic Pediatric Doctor Do?

Many people are somewhat confused as to what a naturopathic pediatric doctor can do. Not only can McQuinn Naturopathic care for children, but they can provide health care for the entire family. Here are a few of the services we can provide:

• Drug prescriptions when needed
• Function as a primary pediatric doctor
• Appointments with plenty of time spent on the patients
• Holistic view of treatments for your child
• Pediatric wellness appointments
• Autism help
• Sports physicals

The Best Care Possible

At McQuinn Naturopathic’s offices, we will be happy to review the pediatric medical services that you can take advantage of and put together a health care plan for your child. We can help with things like minor injuries, allergies, asthma, and more. If you feel like you want a second opinion on health matters and an alternative to traditional medicine, we would be happy to consult with you. We want to provide unmatched care to your child while looking at them as a whole person, not merely dealing with a specific symptom.
To check out our pediatric care in Everett or to set up an appointment, call McQuinn Naturopathic at (425) 905-2487.

Vitamin B12 Injections In Arlington Can Help With a Multitude of Health Issues

Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in how effectively our body functions. Vitamin B12 is one of those vitamins that are necessary for a plethora of bodily processes. If you are vitamin B12 deficient, you can have all sorts of problems. But vitamin B12 injections in Arlington can help with a deficiency.

This vitamin helps with:

• Energy
• Formation of red blood cells
• Neurological function
• Nerve cell health
• DBA synthesizing

Diet can be one of the reasons many people lack this needed vitamin. Certain people have trouble absorbing B12. This can lead to a specific type of anemia, as well.

What are B12 Shots?

Cyanocobalamin is the man-made version of the B12 vitamin. The shots are developed from this substance and much more concentrated than what you would get just taking a supplement. Regular B12 injections can help with many things besides treating the symptoms of a deficiency. They can reduce the risk of peripheral neuropathy, heart disease, and infertility. That is just an example of health issues it can address.

How Do I Know if I Have Low Vitamin B12 Levels?

You can get tested to determine what your levels are and what you need to get them up to standard. Symptoms of a vitamin B12 deficiency can include:

• Lethargy, fatigue, irritability, or depression
• Headaches and feeling faint
• Memory and comprehension
• Palpitations
• Vision changes
• Balance problems
• Mouth ulcers or abnormal, sore tongue
• Tingling in extremities

You may have one or more of the symptoms listed. The benefits of B12 shots are they go directly into the bloodstream so you can feel the effects in as little as one injection. To learn more about vitamin B12 injections in Arlington, call McQuinn Naturopathic at (425) 905-2487. We can help you feel better in no time.