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Taking Advantage Of Going Naturopathic In Everett


Taking Advantage Of Going Naturopathic In Everett

We are lucky to live in a time where we can make our own medical decisions. Natural medicine is becoming more and more a choice for those who aren’t fond of general medicine or who simply want to try an alternative. There are many ailments and conditions that people have struggled with for years, with everything from weight loss to allergies, with very little when it comes to results. For some, natural medicine is simply the right choice for their medical and health needs. If you’ve been looking for a naturopathic in Everett, McQuinn Naturopathic may be just the place you’re looking for.

We have an experienced team of doctors, all licensed in the area of naturopathy and natural medicine. If you’ve been experiencing symptoms from certain conditions for years, yet nothing gives you relief, perhaps it’s time to give naturopathy a try. We can help everyone, however – not just if you’re suffering from a chronic illness or condition.

Some of our other services include help with weight loss, allergy treatment, non-emergency acute care, acupuncture, IV therapy, prolotherapy, massage, physical exams, nutrition help, and diabetes management. Whether you’re looking to solve a problem or just want to remain healthy by staying up to date and getting your physicals on time, we’re the place for you. We also accept many types of insurance carriers.

To find out more about naturopathic in Everett, contact McQuinn Naturopathic today at (425) 905-2487 to request an appointment or to hear more about our services. We don’t want to just treat our patients; we want to teach our patients how to lead happy, healthy lives.

Harnessing The Power Of Naturopathy In Arlington


Harnessing The Power Of Naturopathy In Arlington

Being completely healthy requires more than just seeing your primary care physician for your physical once a year. It involves making healthy and informed lifestyle decisions that overall impact your mental health, spiritual health, emotionally healthy, and physical health in a positive way. However, with so many conflicting news stories and social media posts out there, it may be tough to know what’s best for you and what is not. If you’ve been considering trying alternative forms of medicine and want to look for naturopathy in Arlington, McQuinn Naturopathic is a great place to start.

We have a full team of naturopathic doctors dedicated to providing you with individualized and specialized care for many different conditions and problems, as well the ability to provide you with general care for both adults and children. Some of the areas of medicine we study and practice include general and primary care, men’s health, IV therapy, weight loss and dietary counseling, acupuncture, pediatric care, non-emergency acute care, prolotherapy, massage, physical medicine, DOT physical exams, women’s health, allergy testing, diabetes management, and more.

Our doctors have a broad range of expertise and can help with many different health problems, conditions, or concerns. We also work with many different insurance companies and providers. Patients often fear that naturopathic services may not be covered under their insurance, but we work closely with many providers to make sure that your health – and your insurance – is covered.

To learn more about our services or naturopathy in Arlington, contact McQuinn Naturopathic today at (425) 905-2487 or contact us through our web form to book an appointment or to speak to a member of our professional team and staff. We want to help you take charge of your health.

Looking at Alternative Therapies with Pediatric Medicine In Lake Stevens

Looking at Alternative Therapies with Pediatric Medicine In Lake Stevens

As a parent or caretaker, it is important to you that you are doing whatever possible to ensure the health and wellness of your child. This means looking into the best medical care, balanced nutrition, and much more. If you are looking for alternatives to conventional medicine or you would like to supplement healthcare, you can look into pediatric medicine in Lake Stevens to see what your options are.


Why Choose Naturopathic Pediatric Care?

There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to pediatric wellness from a naturopathic standpoint. These are just a few of the things that you should know about naturopathic pediatric care:

  • A naturopathic practitioner is able to prescribe prescription drugs when necessary, including antibiotics.
  • A naturopathic practitioner is a good option when you are looking for a primary pediatrician for your child.
  • A naturopathic practitioner is able to provide a significant amount of time for each appointment, allowing patients to get the attention they need.
  • A naturopathic practitioner works to ensure they are able to optimize your child’s wellness and health.

As a matter of fact, you can choose a naturopathic doctor to care for your entire family in addition to the children in the household. Whether you are looking for pediatric exams, sports physicals, or well-child checkups, you will see that there are countless benefits from taking the naturopathic route for care.

When you contact us at McQuinn Naturopathic, we will be happy to go over all of the pediatric medical services that we offer. Just a sampling of the holistic care that we provide include the treatment of allergies, asthma, minor injuries, and more. You can come to us for all well-child visits as well as advice on the prevention or management of diseases along with second opinions.

For more information about pediatric medicine in Lake Stevens or to set up an appointment, call McQuinn Naturopathic at (425) 905-2487.

How You Can Benefit From Natural Autism Treatment in Monroe

How You Can Benefit From Natural Autism Treatment in Monroe

Are you looking for a naturopathic approach to autism treatment in Monroe? McQuinn Naturopathic offers therapeutic strategies that can help manage autism spectrum disorders. We strive to provide families with healthy and natural options for helping loved ones with ASD, no matter the severity of the condition.

There are many means of treating ASD symptoms, such as speech, occupational, feeding, and physical therapies, but natural remedies can also aid in treating various manifestations of the disorder. Here’s just a little of what are naturopathic physicians can do for patients with autism:

  • Provide acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and acupressure as a therapeutic measure for children with ASD.
  • Search for hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies that can hinder health.
  • Test for food allergies and other types of allergies that can affect the quality of life with someone with ASD.
  • Prescribed natural supplements and vitamins to help improve symptoms, especially those that relate to digestion or other issues that are commonly associated with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Craft a nutrition plan that makes dietary changes that can improve the health of someone with ASD. This can include eliminating potentially inflammatory foods like soy, gluten, or casein, and crafting a diet plan around healthy, whole foods that are effective for healing the body.
  • Prescribe probiotics to help reduce gastrointestinal issues that are common in children with autism.

When it comes to loved ones with autism, every case is different and unique and must be treated as such. If you want to find a more natural approach to autism treatment in Monroe, McQuinn Naturopathic is more than happy to provide you with treatment plans and options that are tailored specifically to your situation. For more information about our autism treatment modalities, or to schedule an appointment for your consultation, give our professionals to call today at (425) 905-2487.

What You Can Expect With Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation in Arlington

What You Can Expect With Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultation in Arlington

Are you looking for a nutrition and lifestyle consultation in Arlington that considers your unique needs? If so, the crew at McQuinn Naturopathic is dedicated to bringing you all-natural solutions that focus on fundamental lifestyle changes and high-quality nutrition. We know that proper nutrition is vital to staying healthy and happy, and to managing many conditions, and we want to use that knowledge to help you improve your quality of life.

When you consult with our team, our experts help you examine your current dietary regimen and determine ways that you can eat and live healthier. This type of treatment is helpful for anyone but is especially advantageous for those suffering from nutritional deficiencies or other dietary issues due to prescription medication. Those with eating disorders or chemical dependencies can also benefit from a thorough nutrition and lifestyle consultation.

Once we’ve assessed your eating habits, body mass index, and compared to your weight and height to standardize weight height tables, our counselors can then draft a plan for you with a specified goal to be reached over a specific period. This plan takes individual problems into consideration that can otherwise derail you from your nutritional goals. To reach your goals, it’s also crucial to get the support of your friends, family, and co-workers. Our counselors highly recommend keeping a checklist, making short-term goals for your health, and logging meals to help keep you on track. The key is to stay consistent.

If you’re ready to turn your health around for the better with nutrition and lifestyle consultation in Arlington, McQuinn Naturopathic’s counselors are more than happy to help you get started. For more information about our naturopathic healing services, or to schedule an appointment for your nutrition consultation, give us a call today at (425) 905-2487.

Get the Best in Natural Cardiology in Arlington


Get the Best in Natural Cardiology in Arlington

If you’ve never been on the hunt for a naturopathic cardiology expert before, you may not be sure of the signs to look for that you might need one. Here are a few things to look out for to help you decide whether you could benefit from a natural approach to cardiology:

  • Do you have a family history of heart attacks or sudden heart failure before age 60? If so, you should see a cardiologist. You can get screened for many of the following risk factors that tend to be genetic, including low HDL cholesterol high Lp(a) cholesterol, homocysteine, fibrinogen, and serum ferritin.
  • Are you a man older than 40 or woman older than 45 planning on engaging in a new exercise regimen? A cardiologist can give you a stress test to rule out potential heart issues.
  • If you have heart issues like chest pain, syncope, or shortness of breath with any physical exertion, go to a cardiologist as soon as possible to diagnose the problem.

McQuinn Naturopathic is proud to provide heart-healthy services that keep you in good shape without writing you unnecessary prescriptions. Natural medicine and proper nutrition go a long way toward keeping your heart healthy so that you can live the fullest life possible.

If you’re ready to discover naturopathic approaches to cardiology in Arlington, McQuinn Naturopathic is just a phone call away. For more information about our services, or to consult with our team about your needs, call our office today at (425) 905-2487.

How Women’s Health Benefits from Natural Hormone Treatment in Snohomish

How Women's Health Benefits from Natural Hormone Treatment in Snohomish

Are you looking for hormone treatment in Snohomish for a variety of conditions that affect women’s health? McQuinn Naturopathic strives to offer you all-natural solutions to manage your symptoms and give you your life back. Whether you want vitamin injections or a comprehensive approach to treating diabetes and other conditions, our experts are more than happy to help you get started on making the changes you want.

Hormone levels differ from woman to woman, and varying degrees of hormones can cause a plethora of symptoms. We work with you on a one-to-one basis to address symptoms from PMS, menstruation, menopause, and more. Hormonal imbalance can be addressed through a variety of natural methods besides taking chemically-prepared hormonal supplements. Something as small as eating foods rich in certain hormones while taking oral contraceptives can have a significant impact on the hormones in your body, so it is crucial to maintain a healthy balance in your body.

Hormones are also critical for keeping women’s bodies healthy and cancer-free. Breast cancer, for example, is hormone-regulated and mediated, and keeping your hormone levels stable can mitigate the risk of developing this type of cancer, as well as other conditions that can affect women.

Are hormone treatments can help with a variety of conditions, including:

  • PMS, or premenstrual syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Sleep disorders
  • Menopausal conditions
  • Rapid weight gain

Why choose natural methods over synthetic hormones? The latter can disrupt steroid hormone pathways, which can eventually cause the body to suppress its natural hormones, and lead to the body harming itself. Natural hormones may take more time to produce results, but provide more long-term benefits and are safer for human consumption than synthetic hormones. Combined with proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, natural hormone treatments can go a long way toward maintaining a woman’s health flawlessly.

If you’re ready to find out how our naturopathic approach to hormone treatment in Snohomish can benefit your life, McQuinn Naturopathic is just a phone call away from bringing you the results that you’ve been looking for. For more information about the services that we have on offer, or to schedule an appointment with our team, give us a call today at (425) 905-2487.

Tips for Natural High Blood Pressure Treatment in Monroe

Tips for Natural High Blood Pressure Treatment in Monroe

Are you looking for a natural way to manage your high blood pressure? McQuinn Naturopathic is here to offer you high blood pressure treatment in Monroe that is safe, effective, and can save you in time, cost, and health risks. Before you set out on this venture, however, be sure to discuss with your doctor before you start any new health regimen. These strategies are designed to help you manage and lower your blood pressure without using medication, but always consult your doctor to make sure that this is a good option for your situation.

There are a variety of practices that you can undertake to manage your blood pressure without medication, including:

  • At least 30 minutes of exercise per day that is regular and consistent.
  • Lower salt consumption. Pre-prepared foods often have much more sodium than you might think. Be sure to lay off the salt, and keep track of your sodium so you can stay well within healthy limits for your blood pressure.
  • Many fruits and vegetables are high in potassium, which is beneficial for managing blood pressure and lowering it, so be sure to incorporate these regularly into your diet.
  • Many fruits, especially berries, also contain polyphenols that are incredibly beneficial for the heart.
  • Reduce your consumption of added sugar and refined carbohydrates like bread and pasta.
  • Lower your alcohol intake. Having more than one or two drinks daily can increase your blood pressure, and reducing caffeine intake can also lower blood pressure levels.
  • Quit smoking. Even reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day can help lower your blood pressure gradually.
  • If you eat dark chocolate and cocoa in moderation, you can benefit from flavonoids that dilate blood vessels.
  • Take steps to manage your stress effectively. Whether you like to meditate, read, listen to music, or do low-impact exercise, be sure to undertake activities that can help you keep stress levels low, which helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Losing weight can also take a significant amount of stress off of your body, especially regarding joints and blood pressure.
  • If possible, increase your consumption of calcium-rich foods like milk and dark, leafy greens, or take calcium supplements. You can also take heart-healthy supplements like garlic, fish oil, and whey protein.
  • Increasing your magnesium consumption with vegetables and whole grains can also help you manage your blood pressure effectively.

The team at McQuinn Naturopathic wants to offer you practical, healthy high blood pressure treatment in Monroe without relying on medication to keep you in check. For more information about our naturopathic health services, or to schedule a consultation with our team, give us a call today at (425) 905-2487 to book an appointment.

Benefits of Naturopathic Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment in Arlington

Benefits of Naturopathic Cold and Flu Prevention and Treatment in Arlington

Are you looking for natural cold and flu prevention and treatment in Arlington for yourself or your family? McQuinn Naturopathic is here to help you take steps to avoid colds and flu while improving your health. While you cannot prevent exposure to cold and flu, you can boost your immunity to fight it off. Do this long enough, and the risk of falling ill goes down significantly, which is especially helpful for people with sensitive systems.

While staying clean and sanitary can help you fight off colds to a degree, the best way to do it is by boosting your immune system before exposure occurs. Naturopaths can help you do this with safe, natural measures while avoiding risky drugs and unpleasant side effects. With proper nutrition, probiotics, supplements, and even an exercise regimen, you can build your immunity up significantly and fight off colds and flu while mitigating sickness.

If you come down with a virus despite your best efforts, the priority is to eliminate symptoms and shorten the duration of illness, and naturopaths can guide you in effectively doing this. By mitigating symptoms, reducing symptoms, and boosting immunity, you can do more than ever before to stay healthy, even during flu season. If you do come down with a cold, vitamin c supplements and proper nutrition can help you get well fast.

Whether you are hoping to learn more about illness relief for want to increase your immune system’s ability to fight off colds, naturopaths can help you with cold and flu prevention and treatment in Arlington. Call McQuinn Naturopathic today at (425) 905-2487 for more information on our services or to schedule an appointment with our team.

The Naturopathic Approach to Diabetes Treatment in Monroe


Do you need a service that provides a more natural approach to diabetes treatment in Monroe? McQuinn Naturopathic is ready to offer you options to help you manage your condition without harmful drugs or unnecessary chemicals.

Diabetes is, in short, an endocrine disorder that comes along when the pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin, or the cells themselves become resistant to insulin. This means that the body is not able to keep up blood sugar levels during fasting periods.

There are two main types of diabetes:

  • Type 1, or insulin-dependent diabetes, is typically found in children or adolescents.
  • Type 2, or non-insulin dependent diabetes, is also known as adult-onset diabetes and is often found in adults age 40 and older. There are cases, however, where children who are obese and sedentary can get diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This type is considered to be the majority of diabetes diagnoses.

If left untreated, there are serious complications that can come from diabetes, including heart disease, high blood pressure, nerve damage, depression, arthritis, kidney disease, and eye disease. If you have a family history of diabetes, specific nutritional deficiencies, high cholesterol, or other dietary and environmental factors in your life, you may be at risk for diabetes. The first signs of diabetes include fatigue, poor wound healing, gum disease, blurred vision, and frequent infections.

We offer a wide variety of therapies for managing diabetes that include but are not limited to:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Prescribed exercise routines
  • Herb and supplement prescriptions
  • Hydrotherapy
  • And more

When you’re ready for comprehensive diabetes treatment in Monroe to get your life back on track, McQuinn Naturopathic is prepared to offer solutions for you. For more information on the services that we offer, or to schedule an appointment with our team, call us today at (425) 905-2487.