Cold & Flu Prevention and Treatment in Marysville

cold & flu prevention and treatment in MarysvilleEver wonder how humans prevented or treated the common cold and flu before modern medicine? An interesting thought to some. The knee jerk answer may be, “they didn’t.” Then again, others may answer the question with, “naturally.” There was a time when the modern conveniences we enjoy today were not available and when they were, they weren’t available to everyone. Modern conveniences being products such as synthetic drugs, motorized transportation and processed foods. Without these, people actually ate healthier, got more exercise and found natural remedies to cure or prevent many illnesses. Modern medicine has obviously made and continues to make tremendous strides in the prevention, treatment and cure of 1000’s of diseases and afflictions. Some things however, like common cold and flu symptoms may be best prevented and treated the natural way. At McQuinn Naturopathic, we teach our patients cold & flu prevention and treatment in Marysville.  

It is most likely heard in almost every home and school around the world. “Don’t forget to wash your hands!” Hand washing is the easiest prevention method of cold and flu symptoms. Children are taught to wash their hands after petting the dog, going to the washroom, playing outside and before eating or handling food.

As adults, the importance of keeping dirty hands away from our eyes, mouth and nose to keep germs and bacteria from entering our body is clear. The combination of hand washing, exercise, good nutrition and select natural supplements can boost the body’s immune system to prevent cold and flu symptoms. At McQuinn Naturopathic, we can develop a complete prevention plan specifically for you.

During cold and flu season, germs are floating around like rain in a monsoon. They’re everywhere and at times can break through the strongest of immune systems. If this happens, McQuinn Naturopathic offers natural treatment solutions without the side effects of traditional medicines.

For more information regarding cold & flu prevention and treatment in Marysville, contact McQuinn Naturopathic at (425)905-2487. Our qualified, experienced naturopathic doctors will assist in developing a prevention or treatment plan just for you; naturally.