Discover Acupuncture In Everett for Depression

Discover Acupuncture In Everett for Depression

As our lives become even more complex and rushed, more and more Americans experience at least one bout of depression each year. Prescription medication use increases as the number of people diagnosed with the disorder get higher. There are many reasons for this statistic, including adjusting attitudes about mental health and recognition of depression as a significant source of declining overall health in the U.S. Alternatives to medication like counseling and acupuncture in Everett show more promise than ever before.

We all know that medication for depression can have serious side effects. While offering varying degrees of relief, they also cause excessive fatigue, nausea, unwelcome sexual side effects, weight gain, and increased appetite and insomnia. Are the side effects worth the limited relief?

It’s time to look for alternatives to prescription medication. TCM or traditional Chinese medicine has a lot to offer for treatment of depression, particularly acupuncture. Numerous studies have shown that acupuncture, when used in combination with counseling and other individualized therapies, focuses more on the patient and their problems than the disease itself.

Positive results of acupuncture can last up to a year after treatment, which is highly beneficial and desired for anyone with the disorder. Integrating mental health and physical health practices is a fundamental aspect of treatment. Individualizing therapy is also an advantage that cannot be duplicated with medication, which is more of a “one size fits all” approach. Acupuncture additionally works well for other mental disorders like addiction, as well.

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