Do you suffer from fatigue in Arlington?

Do you suffer from fatigue in Arlington?We all get tired after working a long day or playing hard on our days off. Fatigue in Arlington, however, is another matter entirely. Fatigue is not simply being tired but is defined as extreme exhaustion due to illness, mental or physical exertion and is debilitating and misunderstood. Simply resting or sleeping is not enough to recover from fatigue.

Medical conditions that can cause fatigue include anemia, infections of various types, hepatitis, hypothyroidism, nutrient deficiencies, menopause and low testosterone, among others. There are many available options for treatment that are all-natural and do not involved medications with complicated side effects.

Naturopathic physicians do not treat medical problems; they treat the individual, so options for each person are carefully evaluated according to need. This is why personal and diagnostic tests are required before addressing the issue.

Some of the available solutions for fatigue involve a specially designed diet that emphasizes some nutrients and de-emphasizes others. Nutritional supplementation may encompass herbal medicine such as Echinacea, garlic and thyme. Vitamins, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and antioxidants may all play a significant part in reducing fatigue.

In addition, a moderate program of exercise may be prescribed or instruction in stress relieving meditative techniques can also be valuable in recovery from fatigue.

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