Does a Can of Soda a Day Really Push Your Weight Loss Goals Away?

Let’s face it: reaching our weight loss goals is not always easy. There are many distractions and aspects of our daily routines that force us to make hundreds of seemingly insignificant decisions about what we are putting into our bodies. For many of us, letting go of that can of Coke each day is just too difficult. After all, it’s only one can of soda, right? How far back from our weight loss goals can one can of soda really put us?

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Let’s do the math. In a single 12 oz. can of Coke, there are 38 grams of sugar, or roughly 9 teaspoons. Doesn’t sound too bad at first. However, 9 teaspoons adds up fast. After one month of drinking a can of Coke a day, you have added roughly 2.5 pounds of sugar to your diet. Worse yet, if you are drinking one can of Coke each day for one year, you will add approximately 30 pounds of added sugar to your diet. That amount of sugar will certainly inhibit your weight loss goals, and that doesn’t even account for all of the other sources of added sugar we intake in a year. In fact, the average American consumes nearly 66 pounds of added sugar in a year.

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