Dr. McQuinn’s Current Naturopathic Specials

If you are seeking an Everett Naturopathic Doctor, try Dr. McQuinn’s proven and 100% safe method to losing weight. If you have been thinking about the HCG  diet, now is the time to start seeing results. Dr. McQuinn is offering many specials at the moment.

For those that do not have insurance, a friend will do instead! In fact, bringing a friend along to your first appointment will save both of you 25% off your visit,  just make sure to pay with cash! You can save even more if you are a first time patient by buying a package of lipotropic; each 5 pack comes with a bonus $5 savings per shot. If you’d like to save larger amounts of money, try going for a package, this way you will get all of the necessities to loss weight and you will also be getting one unbeatable deal. The 1-month start up package would routinely run someone $656 dollars but with these current deals, enjoy a price of only $493.25! This 1-month package includes 3 appointments, 2 shakes, 2 boxes of bars, 32 oz. MCT oil, a 1-month supply of hCG with B12 and ketone strips! If you want to save even more money and know you will be doing the diet for at least 2 months, the 2-month package offers even more. Including a 2 months supply of hCG with B12, 4 shakes, 4 boxes of bars, 64 oz. MCT oil, ketone strips and 5 appointments, only instead of paying $1,141 you will pay only $880.93. Enjoy nearly double the merchandise and still save over $250! Yet, that’s not all… in order to save $357, try out the 3-month start up special currently being offered, which includes 7 appointments, 3 months supply of hCG with B12, 6 shakes, 6 boxes of bars, 96 oz. of MCT oil, and ketone strips all for only $1,268.62 compared with the standard going rate of $1,625.77. Within 3 months you will see amazing results, plus you will have saved a bunch of money in the process.

With the proper maintenance provided by routine visits, Dr. McQuinn combines healthy eating and moderate exercise with medically proven, safe and effective, weight loss aids. Weight loss is tricky, instead of going at it alone take advantage of the deals Dr. McQuinn, an Everett Naturopathic Doctor, is offering and start seeing real results as soon as next week!