Dr. Walia


Dr. Priya Walia was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. While growing up, Dr. Walia always had the desire to study medicine. However, Dr. Walia embarked on her path to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor after her life-changing illness, knowing that she did not want to practice conventional medicine.

Coming from an East Asian background, and knowing about Mother Nature’s wisdom to heal thyself, she explored where she could best learn healing to employ not only for herself, but for others. She recognized health as being inherent, and that appropriate guidance is necessary at times.

She completed her undergraduate studies in Human Biology and Health Psychology from Bastyr University where she further understood the mind-body-spirit connection. Her thirst for holistic healing and health promotion led her to naturopathy, where she attained her accredited doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. She further followed her passion for connecting to her roots in East Asian Medicine, Ayurveda, and pursued an accredited Master’s in Ayurvedic Sciences, also at Bastyr University, becoming a graduate of the very first inaugural class. Through this, she extensively studied in India while then completed a residency position that allowed her to enhance her knowledge and practical skill set in Naturopathic Medicine and Ayurveda.

She combines the 5,000 + year old wisdom of Ayurveda, Naturopathic Medicine, and other physical medicine modalities such as yoga and breathing techniques, IV therapies, craniosacral therapy and kinesiotaping to help her patients attain and maintain the health that they are rightfully due.

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