Everett Lab Referrals

Everett Lab Referrals are commonly done when a small clinic or a hospital has limited laboratory services.  This is usually done to better assist patients get their laboratory tests done.  If it so happens that there is an internal agreement between the clinic and the other laboratory to which they will send out the specimen to, the clinic can handle the payment and bill their patient or the patient can directly pay the other laboratory.  This usually depends on the situation and the preference of the patient and the involved clinic and laboratories.

As per legalities, lab referrals are permitted by Medicare though the rules can be a bit more complicated as what anyone would expect it to be.  We, however, give our patients a number of options when it comes to lab referrals.  We put our patient’s comfort and ease first and foremost and let them decide which would be most comfortable for them.  Remember that we are a naturopathic clinic and we aim to make everything better for our patients even if it is beyond our scope of holistic medical work.

Patients come to us for the belief that they will be in good hands and some patients get worried when they hear lab referrals.  Truth is there is really nothing to be worried about because we will not make any lab referrals to laboratories that we personally do not know the credibility.  Being in the holistic medical field, we gain insights on every other competition out there that sometimes the competition becomes our friends and partners that we can rely on.

It is important for our patients to know and understand that we will not make a lab referral unless it is absolutely necessary and we will never refer to an unreliable laboratory.

Lab referral is not something we plan to make money from.  Our patients know our very reasonable price range for all our holistic medical services.  We strive hard to help people in all aspects of health namely spiritual, physical, mental, and environmental.  We will not get anything from lab referrals but it is our patients who can benefit from it as we can help them better if we have the right diagnostic tests to start with.

Being a local naturopathic family practice clinic, we acknowledge that every patient has different needs when it comes to health care.  In order to diagnose our patients better, we perform all the necessary diagnostic tests to determine what really is causing the problem.  Should it happen that our laboratory does not offer a certain laboratory test that a patient might need, we will most certainly do our best to make an Everett Lab Referral and assist our patient in any way possible.