Menopause Treatment

Going through menopause is one of the many things that a woman worries about once she reaches the age of 50.  Some women even have to face the dreaded symptoms earlier than expected for some unavoidable medical reason that leaves them no choice but to endure it for as long as it lasts.

Men, on the other hand, have always had a hard time dealing with women who are currently undergoing menopause.  It is no secret that hormones can fall all over the place as early as the premenopausal stage that it almost brings married couples back during the time when they were pregnant except that at this time, they would not be expecting a baby.

Menopause is often dealt with hormone supplements to somehow ease and relieve the symptoms though they are not always helpful.  There are also medical situations that prohibit women from taking hormone supplements for the fear that it might do more harm than good to the patient.

This is why we offer all the women out there our naturopathic approach to menopause.  If this is new to you and you have not heard about it, you surely are missing out on a better, safer, and effective way of dealing with menopause.

In a naturopathic point of view, we believe that the secret to dealing with menopause more effectively is by controlling and supporting the adrenal glands.  The adrenal glands are responsible for secretion of both female and male hormones and they are our front-runners during stressful situations.

Controlling and supporting your adrenals as you both go through a new process is your key to having a better menopausal stage.  These are some of the things that we usually suggest our patients who are interested in naturopathic therapy to manage their menopause:

  • Sleep maintenance.  Sleep and wake up at the same time everyday so that you do not confuse your adrenal gland secretion.
  • Consult our in-house naturopathic doctor to know which cleansing diet fits the best.
  • We offer botanical supplements that can help the adrenal glands depending on how our naturopathic doctor’s suggestion.
  • Keep stress at bay.  Stress can sometimes be good as it pushes us to our limits but too much stress is harmful.  Recognize your stressors and let our naturopathic doctors help you on how to better manage them.
  • Watch what you eat.  Go organic, drop the processed foods, and choose unchlorinated water.
  • Do exercise regularly.

As a naturopathic clinic, we aim to make our patients feel better about themselves through the natural ways.  And if you think you are most probably nearing the menopausal stage, do not wait for the symptoms to appear, we can always start earlier to combat the symptoms better.