Everett Women’s Health Services

Ever wondered why there are men and women’s products in the supermarket like shampoos, deodorants, and the like? This is because women’s bodies are chemically different from men’s. To know more about how you can keep your body healthy in all-natural ways, read on.

Similar to how baldness mostly affects just men, there are health conditions, genetic or otherwise, which specifically or more particularly affect women. Because of this, some food and health practices should be observed by women more than men to help counter or prevent the worsening of these health conditions.

Here are some health conditions which affect Everett Women’s Health more than men:

  • Osteoporosis – Typically occurring after menopause, women rapidly lose bone mass. Before this stage hits you, you can start incorporating more calcium in your diet from milk and dairy foods. Lactose intolerant? You can get your share of calcium for stronger bones from tofu, sesame seeds, and other green and leafy vegetables
  • Urinary tract infections – These result from bacteria in the urinary tract. We can advise of natural antiseptics and herbal drinks to help detoxify your body in a safe and natural way. We can also guide you with what food can help alleviate pain from urinating.
  • Depression – Like other feelings and emotions, depression is a chemical reaction in the body. Women are more affected by this condition and one naturopathic way to beat depression is to exercise. Exercising releases endorphins which can cheer you up. Other foods to lift your mood include nuts, seeds, eggs, fish oils, and even simple green tea. Little by little, you’ll feel a positive change in your mood and outlook in life!

With these naturopathic health practices and techniques, women can live a healthier lifestyle. You will be free from pain and worries about your health and nutrition. Initially, they may seem like minor changes, but when you let nature heal you, you will experience health benefits like having more energy, feeling younger and being free from harmful health conditions.

Awareness about your body and how it works is key to having a healthy life. When you are aware of what your body needs and how you can give it to yourself through naturopathic means, you will experience the lasting healing powers of nature. No need to resort to invasive procedures and harsh medications. We can help you out when you want to try our all-natural Everett Women’s Health practices