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Yoga Studio Now Open On Monday’s At 6PM

Casey StewartLearn More About Our Yoga Instructor Casey Stewart, RYT

If you are struggling with the daily stresses of life, then make Everett Yoga your step to gaining your inner calm. Learn how to meditate, breath properly and become more relaxed and health conscious. We offer these services for you and even more when you join our classes.

Yoga, known to be a Hindu discipline from India had gained popularity because of the many health gains that it provides for its many practitioners. Our team of highly trained Yogis is equipped to make your yoga experience in our studio cater to your current physical needs.

Practiced over five thousand years, yoga has become a discipline of life. For the Hindus it is a form of spirituality, but in our modern age we link to yoga for the benefits it contributes to health and wellness.

Upon practicing with us, you will get a sense of peace and serenity on your own terms. Our guiding Yoga Instructors will help you attain the tranquility that each class provides.

Whether beginner or advanced, there are many options for you to choose when you are with us. We make you capable of choosing from our various styles of yoga – from Hatha to Ashtanga to Bikram. Our team is capable of keeping each class at a multi-level.

Each session of yoga helps you replenish your entire body functions. Basic and advanced classes helps improve your blood circulation, increases your flexibility and will help in gaining strength. Practitioners who join us become more conscious of how their body works. We help you gain that benefit as well through our daily classes.

Techniques that improve posture, breathing and also lifestyle changes are also provided by our Yoga Instructors. We help you unite your mind, body and spirit at Everett Yoga.