Explore Acupuncture Treatment for Migraines


Acupuncture has been shown to offer long-lasting relief for those suffering from chronic headaches and migraines, among other ailments. Many patients have experienced almost immediate relief from this ancient natural medical technique. When compared to traditional medical care for migraines, acupuncture has numerous benefits for relieving pain and improving overall quality of life. For acupuncture in Monroe, visit McQuinn Naturopathic.

In a 2004 British study, 401 adults from ages 18-65 years who had at least 2 headaches every month were divided into 2 groups. One group received 12 sessions of acupuncture in 3 months and the other received standard medical intervention alone.

After one year, the researchers noted that the participants who had acupuncture treatments had 22 fewer headache days, had ¼ fewer doctor visits, used 15% less medication and took 15% fewer sick days than the control group.

Compared to conventional medical treatments that utilize strong prescription pain relievers with numerous side effects and high expense, acupuncture is highly cost-effective and has no residual and uncomfortable effects.

During an acupuncture session, very small needles will be inserted at specific points in the body, sometimes referred to as acupoints. These points on the body are stimulated to help restore balance and the proper flow of energy through the body. When visiting a trained acupuncturist, such as Dr. Duarte of McQuinn Naturopathic, the needles will not cause discomfort. In fact, many patients find the treatment to be deeply relaxing. Even after just a single session, patients may experience relief from migraines.

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