Explore Natural Treatments for Alzheimer’s in Marysville


The prevalence of Alzheimer’s in Marysville and throughout the country is alarming. As there is no cure for this degenerative brain disorder, the mortality rate is high. Those diagnosed with the disease suffer memory loss, behavioral problems and diminished mental capability. Treatments to favorably impact the life of one with Alzheimer’s are varied and range from medication to alternative methods of care. Knowing the most appropriate way to respond in this situation can be difficult.

A consultation with a naturopathic physician about options for your loved one will give you guidance on the best way to proceed for your own unique situation. Non-conventional treatments will be comprised of several different adjustments in diet and therapies.

A specially prescribed diet program may be recommended and might include such supplements as coconut oil for better memory, omega-3 fatty acids to reduce cognitive impairment, CoQ10 for healthy body functions and even coral calcium.

Other methods of treatment that can be prescribed are acupuncture to improve mood and elevate mental functions; aromatherapy with oils like lavender, lemon, orange and rosemary to improve thinking skills; bright light therapy to balance the sleep-wake cycle that is often disrupted with Alzheimer’s and herbal medicine with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

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