Find Migraine Relief with Acupuncture in Everett


Find Migraine Relief with Acupuncture in EverettAcupuncture may seem like a foreign concept but is an all-natural and highly effective treatment for numerous ailments, from asthma to headaches and migraines. This ancient technique alleviates headache pain almost immediately. When compared to conventional medical intervention for migraines, acupuncture demonstrates pain-relieving properties and helps to improve the quality of life. Visit the experienced team at McQuinn Naturopathic to learn more about acupuncture in Everett.

In a British study conducted in 2004, more than 400 adults ages 18-65 who had at least two headaches every month were separated into two groups. One group received typical medical care, and the other had 12 sessions of acupuncture within three months.

After a year, researchers found that the participants who had acupuncture had 22 fewer headache days, had ¼ fewer visits to the doctor, used 15% less medication and took 15% fewer sick days than the other group.

Compared to traditional medical treatments that employ potent prescription pain relievers with unfortunate side effects and often a considerable cost, acupuncture is quite reasonably-priced and has no lingering after-effects.

During an acupuncture appointment, tiny needles are inserted at certain points in the body, sometimes called acupoints. These areas are stimulated by the needles to restore energy flow and balance through the body and relieve pain and stress. A trained acupuncturist carefully inserts the needles so that there is no discomfort. In fact, most patients find the treatment quite relaxing. Migraine relief is felt even after a single session.

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