Find Relief with Pain Management Treatment in Marysville

Find Relief with Pain Management Treatment in MarysvilleThere has been a great deal of press lately, and justifiably so, about prescription drug abuse. For those individuals who suffer daily with chronic pain issues, it may seem like addictive medications are the only solution. That is simply untrue. If you live with chronically debilitating pain from any number of sources, it is worth your time to investigate naturopathic pain management treatment in Marysville.

A medical professional who specializes in natural pain relief may offer the following options:

  • Muscle and joint pain may be addressed with regenerative injection therapy, which are injections of vitamins, anesthetics and other solutions that target the area of concern.
  • Manual manipulation or chiropractic practices ease aching muscles with pressure and steady, rhythmic movement.
  • Centuries old acupuncture restores balance in the body to offer pain relief.
  • Therapeutic manipulation of cranial joints aka craniosacral  therapy and muscle energy techniques regulate cerebrospinal fluid flow and blood flow throughout the body.
  • Following a specially designed anti-inflammatory diet that contains minerals, vitamins and other nutrients encourages better health and eliminates food that may exacerbate your problem.
  • Body massage loosens tension in stiff and uncomfortable body points.
  • Meditation and yoga are excellent ways to relieve stress that constant pain can cause.
  • Careful stretching and moderate exercise help to alleviate pain.

Get welcome relief from constant pain in a purely natural way with pain management treatment in Marysville from McQuinn Naturopathic. Call for an appointment today at (425)905-2487. Feel pain relief without the often nasty side effects and addictive qualities of prescription medication.