Find the Energy You Need with Vitamin B12 Injections in Monroe

vitamin B12 injections in MonroeWho doesn’t need more energy? Very few people, that’s for certain. The average person who eats within standard limits, remains hydrated, sleeps an adequate amount and exercises should have plenty of energy. Unfortunately, the majority of the population cannot meet all of these requirements at once and, as a result, lack the energy just to make it through each day. One solution for this problem is supplemental vitamin B12 injections in Monroe.

While some individuals have medical conditions that cause a significant lack of B12, most people just have lower average levels of the important vitamin that maintains healthy nerve and blood cells and creates DNA. The only way to know for sure is to have a blood test. Those who are shown to be truly deficient will benefit from supplementation of B12. Since this vitamin is water soluble, the body effectively eliminates any excess so it is completely safe.

Additional reasons for a deficiency in B12 may be because of Chron’s disease, Celiac disease, alcohol abusers or being vegan or vegetarian. Symptoms of deficiency include memory loss, fatigue, changes in mood, numbness and/or tingling in the fingers and toes, a sore tongue and trouble walking normally. However, a medical evaluation and accompanying lab work are necessary for a proper diagnosis. Don’t resort to self-evaluation. It is worth your time to seek professional guidance when it concerns your health.

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