hCG Weightloss and Physician Supervised Program

At McQuinn Naturopathic, our hCG weightloss program is one of a kind. We tailor each diet plan, dosage, exercise regimen, and additional supplements to each patients and their specific needs. It starts with a comprehensive 1-2 hour initial appointment where your medical history will be reviewed, and the program introduced to you. Unlike many other physician visits or diet clinics you may have been to, Dr. McQuinn spends the majority of the appointment talking and listening to establish a solid grasp of your comprehensive medical history and your eventual health goals to set a plan specific to you.

Then we review the diet in a complete packet that you may keep and refer back to or call the clinic with questions in your first few weeks. We use physician ordered, high quality productsand supplements from Biogenesis, Thorne, NOW Foods and more, as well as FDA approved pharmacies which we develop relationships with to pass on the most reasonable prices of high quality pharmaceuticals.

We encourage patients to do a liver detoxification protocol tailored to your preference and what may be best for your body to continue an effective processing of fat. This can help cleanse the body of toxins stored in fat and released during periods of fat burn (or ketosis).

Our diet is made up of foods you can easily and affordably purchase at your grocery store and start a diet based in whole foods, lean proteins, getting an adequate serving of fruits and vegetables everyday, in addition to cutting out inflammatory foods many people find to cause certain body ailments or eliminating foods that they may have a sensitivity to that they were previously unaware of. The diet protocol also encourages our patients to stay hydrated throughout the program, to listen to their bodies and begin to recognize the things in diet and lifestyle that benefit their health and lessen the things that cause low energy, stress, and increase overall well-being.

At the end of the program, (whether you had a weight or inches goal or an overall health goal), we desire to help patients establish their health and sustain their weight by using an individualized maintenance program. Many people have completed diets successfully, but a small percentage of those who can lose BIG maintain it over a longer period of time. Success can continue by understanding how habits influence metabolism, weight gain and hunger. Patients leave educated, with a personal plan and a support system at the clinic where they can call or come in with any questions or for follow up maintenance appointments to continue stabilizing at a patient’s goal weight.

For more info please go to www.everett-hcgdiet.com or call the clinic.

The Everett Herald has recognized Dr. McQuinn as the Eerett HCG Expert