Holistic Pediatric Treatment Promoting Natural Wellness in Lake Stevens

Holistic Pediatric Treatment Promoting Natural Wellness in Lake Stevens

We often think of natural healthcare for adults, but children are the perfect candidates for holistic health care. Their bodies are developing and growing, and we should be extra careful about what they are exposed to. If you are looking for pediatric treatment in Lake Stevens, McQuinn Naturopathic is a great place to bring your kids.

Pediatric Services

At McQuinn Naturopathic, we offer a wide variety of pediatric services. We believe in a holistic approach for the entire family that takes into consideration:

• Physical well being
• Mental health
• Spiritual well being
• Emotional wellness

Each one impacts the other when it comes to healing and maintain good health. We offer preventive care as well as treating illnesses as they occur. Our experienced naturopathic doctors believe in encouraging healthy habits in children that will last a lifetime. We offer natural healing therapies for:

• Asthma & allergies
• Well-child checkups
• Sports physicals
• Prevention and disease management
• Homeopathy
• Minor injuries
• Various ailments such as cold, flu, strep
• Second opinions

Whenever possible, we use effective natural treatments that are gentler than many traditional options. We strive to prevent sickness by boosting the body’s immune system. Our physicians look at the individual and set the treatment accordingly. We do not believe in cookie-cutter solutions.

New Patients Welcome

McQuinn Naturopathic welcomes new patients looking for pediatric treatment in Everett. We accept most insurance plans. Call us today at (425) 905-2487 to schedule an appointment that will put the whole family on a path to natural wellness.