Is The hCG, A Diet That’s Right For You?

So there New Year has come and gone, spring is on it’s way. Soon temperatures will start to rise and trips to the beach and swimming pools will be  a common occurrence and getting into a bathing suit. For most, this is not something your looking forward to. If your like most people, the New Year brings motivation to shed those unwanted winter pounds and get back into shape. Did you know that the highest amount of registrations at gyms are highest in January after the New Year and considerably drop each month thereafter?

It’s important when trying to lose weight, you understand the process and how you can make it work the best way possible. A majority of dieting can be an up and down roller coaster which can effect the results, your self esteem and your overall weight loss or even possible weight gain.

At McQuinn Naturopathic, we know the importance of having a strong support system and the knowledge to make the best choices possible when choosing a weight loss program. For over the past 50 years, medical science has discovered that the hCG Diet is a more effective program that increases the amount of weight loss versus other dieting options. With the hCG, your lifestyle has little adjustments needed to gain the best possible results. There are not any extreme calorie or  exercise restrictions. Contact us at McQuinn Naturopathic for more information on our Snohomish hCG Diet  at 425-905-2497 or you can click here to schedule a consultation with our Doctor.