It’s Time for Cold & Flu Prevention & Treatment in Monroe

It’s that time of year when the weather gets colder and we spend more time inside than out, creating the optimum environment for cold and flu germs to flourish. While a flu shot can certainly have its place for susceptible individuals, there are alternative therapies that significantly aid in reducing the likelihood of catching a cold or the flu or reduce the amount of time the malady lasts. Consider naturopathic cold & flu prevention & treatment in Monroe.

cold & flu prevention & treatment in Monroe.

Natural or naturopathic treatment is undertaken by medical professionals with experience and training in this field that is not often practiced in conventional medicine. After evaluation of an individual’s physical, mental, physiological and spiritual states through diagnostic testing and personal statements, a treatment plan is carefully and deliberately developed that treats the entire body and utilizes its own natural defense system.

A specifically structured diet with a combination of vitamin, herbal and other nutritional supplements is implemented. For those who are already ill, more fluids, limited food intake and sugar will help the body direct its energy toward healing. Lifestyle changes or adaptations may include more rest, less stress, hydrotherapy, soothing meditation and/or yoga, among others.

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