Dr. James Drake

Dr. Drake is a licensed Naturopathic Physician in Washington state, and has been in practice since 2017. He is a primary care physician with special interests in men’s health, cardiovascular health, and management of diabetes. Dr. Drake uses a variety of methods to help his patients reach their potential to be their happiest and healthiest–including physical medicine (which itself includes hydrotherapy, visceral manipulation, and manual therapy), diet/nutrition recommendations, IV therapy, and trigger point injection therapy.

Prior to studying naturopathic medicine at Bastyr University, Dr. Drake earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington. Dr. Drake also draws from years of experience as a massage therapist and a yoga instructor, incorporating both into his medical practice.

Given Dr. Drake’s background in Yoga, Massage, and Engineering, it’s no surprise that he has a particular inclination toward physical medicine. It’s often appropriate to use a mechanical analogy when treating the body: structure affects function; once structure is corrected, proper function is restored. Generally speaking, structural problems in the body involve a loss of motion; physical medicine works to restore function by restoring motion.

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