Lake Stevens Acupuncture

With surprising breakthroughs in medicine today Lake Stevens Acupuncture services are still getting a lot of attention. A lot of skepticism has been raised in the past about this form of therapy and healing. However, as scientific evidence about its type of therapy are being gained from research, more and more people are open to acupuncture as an effective alternative method of healing.

We are one of the best and see new clients gain the benefits of this highly effective form of therapy. Our clinic offers high quality services and a qualified and dedicated team of acupuncturists.

The relief of pain has been one of the most significant uses of acupuncture even in ancient China. Currently, it has been found out that the process makes the human body produce the substances called as endorphins and encephalins. These have effects that can be compared to that of morphine. These are natural pain relief tools of the human body.

Hypertension is also known as a high blood pressure. As mentioned previously, acupuncture makes the body produce endorphins. This has a soothing and calming effect on all parts of the body. The process also leads to a balanced amount of neuro-transmitters which gradually lowers blood pressure.

The immune system of the human body can be strengthened and one way is through acupuncture. Scientific researchers have found that there is an increased level of WBC (white blood cells), gamma globulin, and antibodies in the blood of those who have under gone acupuncture sessions. These substances are the main defense lines of the body against infections.

It is true that acupuncture is a solution for a long list of conditions that might be present in the human body. Those who utilize the services that we are offer in our Lake Stevens clinic will appreciate the good results of our treatment. There is no doubt that our Lake Stevens Acupuncture service is effective in obtaining good health.