Lake Stevens Cold & Flu

Our Lake Stevens Cold and Flu holistic approach is really no different than your great grandmother’s suggestions whenever a family member gets sick.  Try to remember what she always says whenever she heard that one of the family members is sick.  Chances are she would not tell your father to bring you to the hospital right away but she would start preparing teas and solutions either for inhalation or gargling.

While some people disregard these ideas right away, some people do try them simply because there is nothing to lose by doing so.  More often than not, people experience relief after trying good old approaches for cold and flu.

We, as a holistic care center, use more or less the same approaches that your great grandmothers used to.  We have studied the human body including that of what happens to under a virus attack and what it does to fight the foreign bodies out of the system.

During the time you catch a cold or flu, you may become irritated by the symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, phlegm, sweating, pain, and even vomiting.  What everyone should understand is that these symptoms are actually signs that the body is continuously fighting the infection.  What we do in this situation is help the body to fight against the infection.

As a natural health clinic, we believe in the body’s great ability to heal itself.  Cold and flu are commonly caused by different types of virus.  Even conventional medicine knows that virus infections are supposed to go away on its own after running its course.  The body is fully capable of battling virus infections and putting an end to it especially when it is at its best state of health.

Fever is a common occurrence in cold and flu situations.  People should take this as a sign to eat more nutritious foods to help the body more and rest well to pave way for faster recuperation.  There are actually a lot of holistic approaches to help the body fight a cold or flu better.  Examples of which are taking more vitamin C, drinking lots of fluids, homeopathic remedies as holistic care practitioner, poultices, teas, and inhalation of herbs.

We at Lake Stevens Cold and Flu clinic will not only help you fight diseases better but will also guide you on your way to a better and healthier life away from diseases.