Lake Stevens Massage

Lake Stevens Massage may be more beneficial for your health than what you think. To other people, a massage may seem something like a luxurious treat. However, we believe otherwise. While it is a treat to sore muscles and tired bodies, it also has awesome health benefits!

Stimulating the body with pressure on the right pressure points can do more than just relieve stress. Massages also have the following health benefits:

  • Stress relief – Our skilled massage practitioners can help your body reduce its cortisol levels. Cortisol is the hormone related to stress and with a massage, the levels of cortisol drop significantly, lifting your mood and making you feel better.
  • Better sleep – Since you will feel more relaxed, your brain will be more prone to feeling sleepy. Scientifically, this is because massages are said to help the brain reach delta waves which is what it experiences while sleeping.
  • Better blood circulation – Sore muscles can experience better circulation when nerves and pressure points are properly stimulated with a massage. When nerves and smaller capillaries function properly, blood reaches all parts of the body and helps keep you healthier.
  • Therapeutic health benefits – For people who have experienced sports injuries, massages can help them regain normal or maximum functionality. Also, since these parts were already traumatized, massages can help strengthen the muscles and reduce the risks of getting the injury stressed again.
  • Helps reduce high blood pressure – Proper blood flow and decreased cortisol in your system also helps regulate better blood pressure.

Indeed, the power of touch can prove to be great and natural way to experience relief from muscle pains and even that stressful feeling after work.

Better blood circulation may seem like a little thing, but proper blood flow in your body is essential in making sure all parts of your body gets the oxygenated blood it needs. With massage, you can clear otherwise blocked passages and help ensure better blood flow.

You will also experience less pain from sore muscles or injured joints and body parts after therapeutic massage. You no longer have to bear the pain in silence! Our health practitioners can help you have lasting pain relief and prevent traumatizing injuries further.

Visit us at one of our clinics today and you won’t need to rely on medications to feel better. Lake Stevens Massage is sure to make you feel better and will leave you with lasting health benefits!