Lake Stevens Menopause

Our Lake Stevens Menopause holistic approach is something that all women should watch out for and try when they have reached that certain point in their lives where big changes are bound to occur. It is a common knowledge that menopause is difficult for women. Given this, we would like to give all women out there the great chance to turn an otherwise difficult phase into an enriching experience.

We try to educate the women patients who come to us regarding menopause issues for each of them to understand the changes and why these changes happen. Before we suggest or do any kind of holistic care therapy or treatment, it is important for us to know that our patients understand their whole cycle and what we plan to do to make it better for them.

Have you ever thought of what our ancestors did in the olden days while they were going through menopause?  There were no chemically-prepared hormones and medications then yet they were able to successfully pass through the stage. Another difference between then and now is that women then had more time to care for themselves as opposed to the busy lifestyle of today’s generation.

Because of this, we want to help women make the necessary changes that can prepare them for what is believed to be the “second half of their lives” after the childbearing age. Menopause cannot and should not be prevented as it is a natural process. It is the symptoms that make women’s life more difficult. Bothersome symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, palpitations, weight gain, irregular periods, and higher risk of osteoporosis can be helped by our various holistic approaches.

Our holistic approaches vary from one woman to another as we thoroughly evaluate their medical, surgical, and social history but the most common suggestions we make would be to eat more nutritious food, exercise more, develop regular sleep pattern, and release and let go of emotions.

Given that menopause is known to bring about a whirlwind of emotions as hormones fluctuate, we require all our women patients to resolve any unresolved or brewing emotions to prevent any future outbursts. This is the reason why most women settle with taking artificial or synthetic estrogen to somehow prevent hormone fluctuations. For us at Lake Stevens Menopause, there is simply no need to take any synthetic estrogen when there are dozens of natural, safer, and better ways to help get you through menopause.