Lake Stevens Naturopathic Clinic

Caring for the people’s health is one of the top priorities of the local government of Lake Stevens. Our aim as a health center providing natural health care is to introduce Lake Stevens residents to safe and natural ways of achieving their optimum health. We will do this with our holistic approaches to health care and we make sure that these are all natural and safe for everyone.

Lake Stevens Cold & Flu Treatments

Colds and flu bring along several discomforts which can impediment your daily life. To keep Lake Stevens residents healthy, we encourage them to embrace natural ways to boost their immune system and practice natural healthy practices like having a balanced diet, exercising, and not forgetting to have their regular flu shots.

Lake Stevens HCG Diet Plans

To help battle obesity, HCG injections which would make the body use up stored fat can work well for Lake Stevens residents. We can enlighten you on the positive effects of this hormone injection which is a naturopathic approach to fighting obesity.

Lake Stevens High Blood Pressure Treatments

More than 68 million adults in the U.S. experience high blood pressure or hypertension. We want to help Lake Stevens residents keep their high blood pressure in check and let them know of natural ways to help alleviate the symptoms and discomforts they are experiencing.

Lake Stevens Lab Referrals

Whenever we feel that our patient from Lake Stevens needs a more thorough workup, we offer lab referrals to come up with conclusive results. These results can help use determine what treatments would best serve the health of our patient. Lake Stevens Massage While there are varying beliefs on the effects of massage, it has long been trusted as one of the natural ways to relieve stress, improve range of motion, reduce pain, and even improve sleep and helps detoxify the body.

Lake Stevens Message Therapy

Massage is known to give people a number of physical, psychological, and circulatory benefits. At Mcquinn Naturopathic, we can help alleviate pain with massage therapy.

Lake Stevens Menopause Treatments

Menopause can be a tough stage to go through. With the naturopathic health practices and solutions we have for Lake Stevens residents experiencing menopause, they can wake up to brighter days free of pain, mood swings, and other menopausal discomforts.

Lake Stevens Naturopathic Doctors

We believe in nature’s ability to help our bodies heal. With naturopathic health treatments from Lake Stevens, we make use of natural techniques like therapeutic massage, organic diets, homeopathy, and herbal medicine. Before making our patients embrace these lifestyle changes, we examine their health practices along with other factors to determine which would work best to achieve a holistic treatment.

Lake Stevens Nutritional Counseling & Food Allergies

To replenish essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs, nutritional counseling will work well for Lake Stevens residents. This is done to help the body have its natural balance and also to be aware of and be able to avoid foods may be causing them allergic reactions.

Lake Stevens Pediatric Exams & Sports Physicals

Each young one should be taken care of and natural treatments which are gentle will work best for them and this is what we aim to give them. Also, athletes who want to be as fit as possible without resorting to medications can benefit from our sports physicals.

Lake Stevens Physical and Women’s Health Exams

You alone are in charge of what happens to your body and you have full responsibility of taking very good care of it.  While you should not take physical and women’s health exams for granted, be sure to have only trained professionals to do it.

Lake Stevens PMS & Hormonal Imbalance Treatments

The women of Lake Stevens undergo hormonal changes especially during that time of the month. PMS can be very frustrating and we aim to provide natural relief from the discomforts which this womanly health condition brings. We also offer women’s physicals and health exams to keep their bodies in check.

Lake Stevens Poor Digestion Treatments

Living in a fast-paced world does not have to take a toll on our bodies. A lot of health problems can arise from poor digestion which is why we advise Lake Stevens residents to embrace natural health practices which can promote good digestion.

Lake Stevens Therapeutic, Wellness & Nutrient Injections

Sometimes, our bodies don’t get the essential nutrients needed to function properly and achieve healthy balance. With our therapeutic and nutrient injections, the lack of vitamins and nutrients can be covered in safe and natural ways.

Lake Stevens Urinary Infection Treatments

We should not take our bodies for granted. Lake Stevens residents who experience urinary tract infections should take the necessary steps needed to make sure their situations won’t worsen. We are here to provide natural treatments for UTI.

Lake Stevens Women’s Health Services

The health of Lake Stevens residents is our top concern. With our naturopathic health solutions, we aim to provide safe and natural solutions to take care of Lake Stevens residents’ health.

Lake Stevens Acupuncture

We are one of the best and see new clients gain the benefits of this highly effective form of therapy. Our clinic offers high quality services and a qualified and dedicated team of acupuncturists.

Lake Stevens Core Classes, Core Cardio and Stability Workout

The aspect of good nutrition is important when it comes to core workouts. During the process of core training, the body needs certain nutrients in greater quantities than normal.

Lake Stevens Life Coaching

Sometimes there are sudden or major changes in life that come up. Not all people have the ability to cope well with transitions of these changes. Our current facilities and staff qualifications allow us to deliver effective and relevant life coaching services.

Lake Stevens Yoga

There are so many reasons that clients are attracted to our Lake Stevens Yoga classes. One of them is the fact that people are becoming more aware of the true nature and benefits of yoga.