Lake Stevens Naturopathic Doctors

Our Lake Stevens Naturopathic Doctors care aims to uplift the state of health of our patients without making use of the traditional conventional medicine. While we may use various holistic approaches in taking care and resolving our patient’s health problems, we know when to allow for conventional medicine.

While naturopathy and conventional medicine may seem two contradicting medical approaches, we at Lake Stevens Naturopathic care knows how to complement the conventional medicine that our patients are already receiving. This is why we are most trusted by our dear patients. We know when and how to respect conventional medicine without losing focus on our holistic approaches.

Naturopathy has been widely practiced in all corners of the world even in the earlier years as it has been traced back to 1800’s in Germany. As it promotes natural healing and focuses on maintaining the overall balance of the body using natural and non-invasive methods, people started preferring the holistic approaches as many experienced the great benefits.

Combining the naturopathic beliefs along with the practicality of today’s modern science, we bring to our patients, the best of naturopathic care. We still firmly believe that health problems arise when something is off in the natural flow of the body’s energy. Whether it is stress, poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, or even foreign bodies attacking the body, it is important for us to determine the root of the problem to be able to help our patients more. From herbs to massages to acupuncture, we determine which holistic therapy approach fits each patient to maximize the benefits.

As we learn the root causes of each of our patient’s health problems and suggest a holistic approach to make it better, we also educate and explain thoroughly to our patients the whole situation. From what caused the disease to the problems it brings and could bring later on, we try hard to make each patient understand in order to equip them with the right knowledge. Through valuable information, we help our patients avoid the same health mistakes over and over again. A better and healthier body, therefore, awaits our patients.

We love naturopathic care because it not only focuses on the physical well-being of our patients but the overall well-being including that of the emotional aspect. As a result, the patients of Lake Stevens Naturopathic Doctors center develop a new kind of perception and self-esteem that makes them experience the true joys of having a happy life through a better state of body and mind.