Lake Stevens Nutritional Counseling & Food Allergies

Lake Stevens Nutritional Counseling & Food Allergies give people a whole new way of dealing with difficult food allergies and paves way for freedom to eat foods that used to be taboo for some people. Food allergies are very common and most of our patients come to us with at least one to two reported allergies.

Just like how we deal with the many other medical problems that our patients face, our holistic approach to food allergies is to determine the root cause. However, dealing with food allergies is now trickier than before due to the fact that foods are more chemically processed in our modern world today as compared to the olden days. This makes determining the true allergen difficult and tricky as this leads to several tests and could take a while.

But given the great knowledge of our naturopathic doctors in nutritional counseling and food allergies, our patients are assured that we will surely come up with a holistic solution that will leave them healthier and better with more freedom to eat foods and enough knowledge of appropriate foods to eat.

Some people resort to conventional medicine for quick relief of food allergies. While this may be appropriate especially in severe food allergic reactions where a patient may experience difficulty breathing that could pose a life-threatening situation, it is still highly important to get to the root cause after giving emergency treatment.

A conventional doctor can prescribe medications that could put a halt to allergic reactions should a patient experience continually, while there are some who do give drugs to be taken daily up until the allergy resolves. Those medicines do work in combating the food allergy symptoms but it does not eliminate the root cause of the symptoms.

Doctors usually ask patients to record everything they eat for them to better understand their allergens or triggers. This does work but our holistic approach goes far beyond these measures in order to help our patients determine their allergens and work around on how to partially if not fully eliminate them.

Nutritional counseling is also of high importance to each of our holistic approaches. We at Lake Stevens Nutritional Counseling and Food Allergies remind every patient of ours that since holistic care is all about regaining the body’s balance; it should start with good food, positive disposition, and a well-balanced lifestyle that thrives in being happy while staying healthy.