Lake Stevens Pediatric Exams & Sports Physicals

Lake Stevens Pediatric Exams & Sports Physicals offers patients a holistic approach to physical assessments.  We highly practice the belief that “an ounce of prevention is better than a thousand cures”, which is why we now offer pediatric exams to make sure every child is in his/her best state of health and will grow healthy along with sports physicals that make sure athletes are physically fit and in their best condition.

We all know that engaging in physical activities like sports not only help keep the body fit and healthy but also enriches the mind.  However, this brings a higher risk of injury as most sports entail physical contact.  There are always risks involved in every sport and coaches, mentors, and experienced athletes know this very well.  For this reason, naturopathic care has been greatly involved in sports physicals dating back to the olden days.

Sports physicals are performed by both conventional doctors and naturopathic doctors and most famous athletes today combine these two great medical fields of study to achieve the best results.  A holistic approach on sports physicals, though, remain unmatched as naturopathic doctors resort all natural ways of improving the overall health first before recommending any kind of conventional medicine approach.

More often than not, athletes who are under the care of naturopathic doctors are in a better state of health as they are assessed carefully and treated naturally.  Holistic approaches allow the body to practice its ability of self healing.  In simpler words, all our patients are very well taken care of regardless if they came to us for pediatric exams or sports physicals.

Holistic approaches are famous for pediatric exams whether you are having it done in a conventional clinic or naturopathic clinic.  Both fields of medicine know that babies and toddlers need a safer approach with less use of chemically-prepared medicines and invasive approaches as much as possible.  However, a naturopathic clinic like us focuses more on the overall well-being of children and not just on the problem alone.  Through this, the parents’ minds are more at ease that their children are safe under our holistic approaches.

Despite all our natural approaches, we know better when the result of the pediatric exams need more than we can offer.  Our naturopathic doctors are all professionally trained to recognize potentially serious situations that might call for the need of conventional medicine.  Otherwise, our patients can always rely on Lake Stevens Pediatric Exams and Sports Physicals that will continue to promote the natural way of healing to pave way for a better and healthier life.