Lake Stevens Physical & Women’s Health Exams

To help ensure that the female population of our area is in great condition, Lake Stevens Physical and Women’s Health Exams are offered at our natural health clinics. On a yearly basis, women are advised to undergo physical and health exams especially tailored for women to help them be more aware of their current state of health. This is how we at our natural health clinics can help you with.

A yearly physical exam can help add to a person’s feeling of reassurance about their health. If you feel like there is a need for you to undergo exams to be more in tune with your body, our professional health care professionals can help you out.

Physicals include a review of the patient’s history, basic health exams like taking the vital statistics of a person, examining the physical appearance, and other exams which need lab workups such as a heart exam, head and neck exam, lung exams, abdominal exams, dermatological, and extremities exam. When deemed necessary, we can also conduct neurological exams. To help a person understand her body more, we take the time to explain the results of these exams. We also go through the details and help a person plan health changes for her bodies betterment.

We do not just stop at physical examinations. We also offer thorough women’s health exams to take care of the needs of our female residents. Since women’s bodies and needs are different from men’s we have made it one of our goals to help provide quality women’s health exams to the residents of Lake Stevens.

Women give birth, experience menstruation and menopause, and are more prone to certain health conditions compared to men. To take care of their health needs, we provide services targeted for women like breast and pelvic exams, blood workups, hormone checkups, and even Pap exams. Changes happen to women’s body and before they know it, they may be facing health conditions which could have been avoided with the help of these exams.

These exams are done thoroughly and we assist with any related concerns our clients may have. We believe in a holistic approach to healing and helping our patients be more aware of their bodies is something we prioritize as well. We advise you to schedule for, Lake Stevens Physical and Women’s Health Exams and get started on the right track to being one with your body and taking care of your womanly needs.