Learn More About HGH in Monroe

There has been quite a substantial number of reports throughout traditional media outlets recently about HGH and its purpose in everyday health of individuals throughout the world. Scheduling treatments of HGH in Monroe with a doctor’s prescription can be beneficial for several different personal situations.

Learn More About HGH in Monroe

The human growth hormone or HGH is produced in the body’s pituitary gland and its purpose is to encourage healthy cell growth and regeneration and to maintain the health of all body tissues. HGH supplementation via injection or oral means by a medical professional under carefully monitored care can be effective for a number of reasons:

  1. Increasing muscle mass.
  2. Slowing the progression of degenerative diseases due to aging.
  3. Stimulating the libido to increase sex drive.
  4. Enhancing brain function and mental acuity.
  5. Creating an overall sense of well-being.
  6. In conjunction with a strict dietary plan, resulting in rapid weight loss in a short time span.

Every HGH treatment plan is designed specifically for each individual’s particular physical condition, age, health and goals for what you hope to gain (or lose) with HGH. A personal questionnaire and thorough diagnostic testing aid in determining the optimum scenario for your circumstances.

Any one of the 6 reasons above is enough to consult Dr. McQuinn and the professional team of naturopathic practitioners at McQuinn Naturopathic. Give us a call today at (425)905-2487 with your questions about HGH in Monroe and its application for your individual situation or to schedule an appointment to begin your HGH regimen. Allow us to help you achieve a healthier life.