Learn To Cook The Healthy Way, Just In Time For The Holidays

With the holidays coming up, make sure you make your get together’s healthy. Just because it’s Thanksgiving doesn’t mean that you can’t cook a healthy meal. Come check out our Snohomish Cooking Classes, so you’re prepared to make your holiday meals both special and healthy.

Our cooking classes will teach you how to treat food as fuel, to power your body through its daily needs. We’ll teach you how tooth buy and cook healthy food. There are so many food products out there that it’s hard to know what it healthy and what is not. You’ll learn how to choose the healthiest options for you based on what the label says. You’ll also learn to take what you buy and prepare it in a healthy manner. Eating healthy food keeps you more focused and is a great way to give you energy. Take one of our  cooking classes and make it one of your healthy daily habits.

You’ll not only learn how to buy and prepare delicious, healthy food, but you’ll learn the principles of planning a healthy meal and a balanced menu. You’ll learn how healthy food helps keep you healthy, preventing disease and illness. Our chef, Laraine Corneilson has worked along side some great chefs from downtown Seattle. She has an understanding of living with food allergies, and knows all the options for cooking when you’re limited in what food you have available.

Eating right is an important part of being healthy, and what better gift can you give to you and your family than to make their meals as healthy as possible? If you’re interested in Snohomish Cooking Classes, come sign up for one of them! You can contact us by phone at 425-905-2487 or online by clicking here.