Long-Lasting Relief for Neck Pain Through Prolotherapy

prolotherapy for neck pain in Arlington

Neck pain is a common complaint among the population in the US, from young children to older adults. This ailment can cause significant disability and routine visits to health care professionals, at extensive cost and reduction in overall well-being. The longer a person suffers with this type of pain, the more chronic it becomes, so early intervention is key in reducing or completely eliminating painful symptoms. One type of alternative treatment that is becoming more popular is prolotherapy for neck pain in Arlington.

Studies show that traditional methods of treatment do have some efficacy in the short term.

These include

  • massage therapy
  • manipulative therapy
  • physiotherapy
  • steroid injections
  • antidepressants, and
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

More invasive remedies such as disc fusion or replacement and implanted morphine pumps do not demonstrate much in the way of results over long periods.

Prolotherapy involves the targeted injection of a carefully designed solution into the weak ligaments, tendons and joints in the neck area (or other areas of the body) to tighten and strengthen them. The body is stimulated to repair these soft tissues by accelerating an inflammatory healing process. Excellent results are achieved with long-lasting pain relief.

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