Lynnwood Cold & Flu

Cold and flu cases have been rising up every year making everybody fear the Lynnwood Cold & Flu season. It is because of the knowledge of how an invisible virus such as influenza can make people ill without a warning. Symptoms can range from mild fever to general malaise and can even pave way for other unwanted medical complications if not properly taken care of.

People fear the danger of acquiring a virus that they cannot fully control. While this is true, it is also a fact that you have the power to control your body. We, as a holistic care center, live by the principle to forget those that you cannot control and focus on what you can control. The greatest truth here is that every person has the ability to control his own body through discipline, right nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle.

Cold and flu viruses are quite common. Everybody encounters these viruses almost every single day of the year yet there is a great increase during the winter months because the viruses tend to stay longer in cold temperature. The absence of the sun’s rays may also play a role as there is less UV radiation to kill more viruses. People also tend to stay indoors during the winter season increasing the chances of virus transmission.

Modern medicine today suggests taking flu shots to help combat these flu viruses. However, the general public should know that this is not the only way to prevent Lynnwood cold & flu. There are many other strains of viruses and not every strain is covered by the shot.

Another truth is that getting yearly flu shots tend to make the body more susceptible to other viruses not covered by it. This is because the body tends to develop immunity to the viruses covered only by the flu shot, otherwise, immunity to others are compromised. Another example would be obtaining yearly flu shots but not getting enough nutrition.

Our holistic approach to cold and flu does not involve one season alone. We encourage each patient of ours to strengthen their immune system all year round. Through this, our patients can better fight off any kind of virus and not limited to a group of strains only. It is about time to stop thinking that it is normal to get sick one to two times each year. It all depends on the person if he/she chooses to get sick by letting himself/herself susceptible to sickness.

Our Lynnwood Cold & Flu symptom treatment mainly revolves on good food and nutrition along with a healthier lifestyle that paves way not only for better virus control but overall great health as well.