Lynnwood Menopause Treatments

Lynwood Menopause symptoms usually signal the changes that are about to occur in a woman’s body.  This happens around the time when the childbearing age is over and the body tends to produce lesser hormones than before.  Because of this, bothersome symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, and insomnia are experienced.

As a result, most women head over to their primary care physicians as they search for some symptom relief for them to be able to continue with their activities of daily living.  Conventional medicine’s approach to menopause is through a drug-based hormone regimen. These chemically prepared medicines mimic the hormones responsible for menopausal symptoms namely progestin and estrogen to give relief.

Researches indicate that about 70-90% of women who take drug-based hormone supplements experience about 75% symptom relief.  However, serious adverse effects have also been observed over years of taking such hormones.  They have been directly linked to having a higher risk of developing heart disease, blood clots, stroke, and breast cancer.

Our approach to menopause truly offers a better and safer approach of combating the unwanted and bothersome menopause symptoms.  As a holistic care center, we focus not on the menopause symptoms alone but evaluate the bigger picture as to why the symptoms are becoming more bothersome to a patient.

Our goal is to improve not just the physical aspect of a woman but her emotional and spiritual aspects as well.  Out naturopathic doctors are always available to help a woman go through a difficult stage by discussing the proper holistic approaches and possible natural hormone therapies if deemed necessary.

Even the medical experts have released a medical journal suggesting that every woman who is near the menopause stage should carefully and thoroughly evaluate their lifestyle as this plays a major factor in symptom prevention and management.  This is most especially true in women with mild symptoms as they can easily be managed with the right nutrition and lifestyle changes.

There are about more than a dozen contraindications of using drug-based hormone replacements.  In such cases like depression, mood swings, diabetes, hypertension, and strong family history of stroke and breast, uterus, or ovarian cancer, drug-based hormone replacements may pose more danger than benefits.

More often than not, women with weakened immune system are more affected by menopausal symptoms rather than women who are in perfectly good state of health.  This is why we encourage all our women patients to make the necessary improvements with regards to nutrition and lifestyle even way before they reach the menopausal stage.

Drug-based hormones are simply not for everyone because of known adverse side effects and contraindications but our holistic therapies to Lynnwood Menopause symptoms most definitely are because of our natural approaches.