Lynnwood Naturopathic Clinic

Being a natural health care center, our goal is to provide the residents of Lynnwood with safe and natural health solutions through our naturopathic health practices. We will do this with our holistic approaches to health care and we make sure that these are all natural and safe for everyone

Lynnwood Cold & Flu Treatments

Protecting yourself against cold and flu is definitely possible and you don’t need to rely on medications to do so. Our natural health clinic can provide you with safe health options to boost your immune system.

Lynnwood HCG Diet Plans

Need to lose weight fast but in a healthy way? We can guide Lynnwood residents with an HCG program to shed off unwanted pounds while keeping a healthy nutritional intake.

Lynnwood High Blood Pressure Treatments

Discomforts from high blood pressure can be alleviated and avoided with our naturopathic health solutions. Our natural health clinic provides the residents of Lynnwood safe and effective naturopathic solutions for high blood pressure.

Lynnwood Lab Referrals

To have a more thorough understanding of your health and to help better plan what measures to take, we also provide lab referrals. This gives us a clearer view of your present state of health.

Lynnwood Massage Therapy

The therapeutic effects of massage have been able to alleviate the pains and discomforts of people from all ages, and our naturopathic clinic can heal you through the power of therapeutic massage and proper muscle stimulation.

Lynnwood Menopause Treatments

This time of a woman’s life can be challenging and while there are medications which you can take, we aim to provide the lady residents of Lynnwood natural and safer health solutions for when they enter the menopausal stage.

Lynnwood Naturopathic Doctor

Our Lynnwood natural health clinic firmly believes in the support and healing power that nature can give the human body. Our naturopathic health solutions are at your disposal should you decide to take that first step towards holistic wellness.

Lynnwood Nutritional Counseling & Food Allergies

You can protect your body through proper nutrition and knowledge on which foods to avoid. With our nutritional counseling and food allergies consults, you can give your body the nutrition and protection from allergens that it needs.

Lynnwood Pediatric Exams & Sports Physicals

Different people need different yet thorough exams and Lynnwood residents, young, athletic, or those who live an active lifestyle and engage in sports will greatly benefit from our comprehensive physical exams.

Lynnwood Physical & Women’s Health Exams

Physical and women’s exams give individuals a better idea of how their body really is. To experience holistic healing, knowing your condition is important and our Lynnwood natural health clinic can take care of you where physical exams are concerned.

Lynnwood PMS & Hormonal Imbalance Treatments

Hormonal imbalance and PMS affect not only the ladies, but those who surround them as well. For safe and natural relief from these chemical changes your body experiences, our natural health clinic can enlighten you on naturopathic health practices for these conditions.

Lynnwood Poor Digestion Treatments

You can give your body the nutrition it requires if you have proper digestion. However, if you are experiencing poor digestion and wish to be free from it, we can give you holistic and natural treatments for the betterment of your digestive system.

Lynnwood Therapeutic & Nutrient Injections

The body needs support and when you are too busy or if you want to take better care of your body, our natural therapeutic and nutrient injections are available for you. Lynnwood residents no longer have to suffer from nutrition deficiencies.

Lynnwood Urinary Infections Treatment

Save yourself from the pain which comes along with urinary infections. Safe and natural treatments to counter these are available and it only takes a visit to our Lynnwood clinic to figure out how we can give you lasting relief.

Lynnwood Women’s Health Services

The health of Lynnwood women is one of our top concerns. For all your womanly health needs, our natural health clinic can help you out. Experience safe and all-natural treatments resulting to better health without resorting to costly medications or invasive procedures.