Lynnwood Naturopathic Doctor

Lynnwood Naturopathic therapy is a combination of all the natural therapeutic traditions from different countries and beliefs. From traditional Chinese medicine to European homeopathic medicine and up to Greek medicine, we have studied them all and have been incorporating them in our naturopathic approaches as we aim to provide care for a wide range of health problems.

During the olden days when chemically-prepared medicines were not as popular and accessible as it is in our modern world today, naturopathic approaches is all that our ancestors used to get by. Amazingly, people in the olden days have lived longer years of healthy lives than most modern people today.

With all due respect to the great innovations of the medicine and pharmaceutical industry today, we pledge to continue to promote good health through our safe holistic approaches as much as we can to continue the naturopathic legacy that our ancestors established. Along with our naturopathic practice, we do take into consideration our overall patient’s health along with current conventional medical practices, diagnoses, and treatments.

Our naturopathic doctors specialize in treating our patient’s body and mind.  We determine the possible causes of the problem and work on the root cause rather than focusing on the problem alone.  We do not eliminate the symptoms like what conventional medicines do because we take the body’s symptoms as cue to how we can eliminate what is causing them.

However, in severe cases, we fully understand the need for conventional medicine.  In such cases, our patients can greatly benefit from both areas of medical practice.  Our naturopathic approaches are known not to interfere with conventional medicine.  On the better part, they even complement and enhance the benefits of conventional medicine.

We make our beloved patients understand naturopathic medicine by describing how we search for what is causing their body problems and the various holistic therapies applicable and how each one works.  There could also be cases that we refer our patients to conventional doctors when we are sure that it is what the patient needs and would benefit more from that.

We stay true and transparent to our patients in everything that we do from searching for the real problem and finding a way to fully eliminate it through safer and better natural methods.  Some of the ailments that gain the most benefit from naturopathic medicine include back pain, arthritis, allergies, hypertension, anxiety, memory loss, fatigue, digestive problems, reproductive problems, low blood sugar, and menopause.

Our famous Lynnwood Naturopathic approaches include naturopathic manual therapy, diet and lifestyle changes, acupressure, homeopathics, massage, reflexology, shiatsu, and acupuncture.