Make an Informed Decision with Pediatric Immunization Education in Everett

Childhood vaccinations are certainly a hot topic among professionals and parents alike. The number of opinions about the situation definitely exceeds the number of vaccines even offered. The best approach is a knowledge-based one. This is the basis for informed pediatric immunization education in Everett. This strategy emphasizes giving parents all the necessary information, positive and negative, about childhood immunizations and allows them to make the most informed decision about which vaccines would most benefit their child(ren) and determine the most appropriate timeline for administration.

A naturopathic physician will discuss each disease, its symptoms and concerns; the related vaccine(s); its risks and advantages and possible consequences if a child is not immunized. Traditional CDC guidelines are also a part of the conversation and their rationale for specific timing of vaccinations.

It is important to consider these valid points about vaccinating your child(ren):

  • Know all the facts before deciding whether or not to vaccinate and when. Knowledge is power. Look at reputable sites online for information, ask your pediatrician or naturopathic physician, read the latest journals, etc. Ask questions about vaccine ingredients, if the virus is “live” and side effects.
  • You should have a plan – in writing – about vaccines by the time your child is two months old. Give one copy to your pediatrician and keep one.

We all want what’s best for our children. The hard part is knowing exactly what IS best for them when so many people say so many different things. Embrace pediatric immunization education in Everett from professionals who care. Call McQuinn Naturopathic at (425) 905-2487 for more information on this important and potentially life-altering event in your family’s life.