Manage Diabetes with Natural Treatments in Arlington

Manage Diabetes with Natural Treatments in Arlington

Diabetes is running rampant in the US, with almost half of the population being impacted somehow. While many doctors are quick to prescribe drugs, there are natural treatments available to reverse the disease. If you want a diabetes treatment in Arlington that can lessen the impact of the disease but one that uses a holistic approach, McQuinn Naturopathic can help.

Two Types of Diabetes

What type of diabetes you have determines the course of treatment. Type 1 is an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the pancreas. This kind can be helped with natural remedies but requires insulin. The other type is Type 2 diabetes. This is a lifestyle disease that can be supported and even reversed with natural treatments. Factors that we can control and can help include:

• Diet
• Weight
• Nutritional deficienes
• Exercise
• Eating habits
• Hormonal imbalance
• Environmental toxins
• Stress

Before starting any treatment, we do a comprehensive evaluation to determine the patient’s precise needs. Lab tests and a physical are part of the examination. Your physician then puts together a course of treatment. Some of the various changes you may see include:

• An exercise regimen
• Stress management and reduction methods
• A healthy diet plan

Moving Forward

Once you move forward and make the needed changes, your need for medication will be re-evaluated. When you lose weight and lower insulin levels, you will see improvement. With these natural treatments, diabetes can be controlled, and the devastating results stopped.

Natural Treatment That is Holistic

At McQuinn Naturopathic, we use a holistic approach that treats the entire person. Healing starts from within, and we want all of our customers to have natural, gentle treatments that work. For natural diabetes treatment in Arlington, contact us at (425) 905-2487.